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The Bold And The Beautiful: Why We Don’t Feel Sorry For Quinn


Sorry, Quinn but we don’t have any sympathy…

Yes, we know Quinn Forrester is a fictional character, but that doesn’t mean we can’t not hate her. Played awesomely by Rena Sofer, the wife of Eric and mother of Wyatt just doesn’t know when to quit! Since her arrival in Los Angeles all those years ago, she has done nothing but scheme to get what she wants. Yes, she had to do this all her life to stand out from the crowd but doesn’t she realise there are consequences to her acttions?

In recent times, Quinn has tried to get her best friend, Shauna to become a co-matriarch of the Forrester family by getting her with Ridge. At the time, the fashion designer was having issues with Brooke given her distrust of Thomas and his obsession with Hope. Seeing how in love her friend was with her stepson, Eric’s wife did everything in her power to get rid of her rival given she sees her as an interloper who is – as Stephanie use to say – the slut from valley.

If Stephanie were alive today, she wouldn’t be Quinn’s ally, she what to destroy her. But, that’s another conversation for another time.

Quinn Didn’t Consider Eric’s Feelings

We learned yesterday that Quinn and Eric’s marriage is still struggling after what she and Shauna did to undermine Ridge and Brooke.

Eric has always had a soft spot for the Logans and will continue to do so. Quinn, however, doesn’t understand how deep her husband’s bond with them goes. He sees them as part of their large family. After all, he has two children with Brooke and they share grandchildren.

Quinn sees herself as being more superior to Brooke and in her mind, she is the Forrester matriarch. We spoke about this a while ago. Stephanie and Brooke might’ve hated each other, but if there was one thing that they had in common, it was their love of family.

Eric has come to see Brooke and her sisters as daughters despite having once been married to two of the three Logan women.

In all Quinn’s actions, she never considers Eric’s feelings and thought he would love the idea of Shauna being his daughter-in-law. While he does like her friend as a person, he knows Ridge and Brooke belong together and that no one should be playing god with something like this.

Eric Has Every Right To Be Mad

Eric has always been a fan favourite because of his big heart and willingness to forgive. However, he shares a common trait to his late wife, Stephanie. He hates people meddling in other people’s marriages. It is no secret that he adores Brooke and Ridge together and could see how uncomfortable his son was with Shauna and that his mind was always on his Logan.

Quinn has been forgiven by Eric several times before and he defied his family’s thoughts on her to marry her. The only person who actually attended the wedding was Eric’s niece, Ivy. However, over time, the family came around because the scheming jewellery designer made him happy. Though, Brooke has always been wary of her and for good reason.

They say a leopard doesn’t change its spots. That what Quinn is if you want to get technical. Eric thought she had changed during their time together but it appears she has slipped back into old habits. It’s also no wonder Bill has no love for her despite her being the mother of his middle son.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Ridge even said in today’s episode during his conversation with his father that his relationship with Quinn has changed. He doesn’t like what she tried to do to his marriage to Brooke but he’s moved past it for Eric’s sake.

This is ultimately code for, ‘if it’s not damaged, don’t do anything to make it better’. Sure, Quinn thought she had good intentions in pairing her best friend with the man of her dreams. However, she didn’t think of how upset other people would be.

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