The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful: Jealous Zoe Takes Yet Another Swipe At Paris


Quinn has become an ally to Zoe as the model silently fumes over Paris’ romance with Zende…

Zoe should know by now to never trust Quinn, even if her intentions are meant to be genuine. However, her jealousy of her sister Paris and the romance she has with Zende has her seeing red even more than usual. She cannot get over that she is the whole reason her engagement to COO and big lawyer man, Carter fell through.

She thought she could have a man on standby in case something happened with Carter. Zoe just cannot take a hint that Zende is not hers and will NEVER be. He gave up when she choose the COO over him and he’s over her. He has moved onto Paris and they seriously too cute together.

Anyway, Quinn overhears a conversation between the sisters and decides to get involved by getting Zoe to spill the beans on her evolving feelings for the handsome Zende. Once again, Paris gets the blame for not doing anything except moving to Los Angeles and accidentally landing a job at Forrester.

Of course, Quinn pulls out some jar of stuff (no idea what it’s called) for Eric which is for his digestive system that he swears by. Zoe pulls a face and later slips some into a Paris’ smoothie cup to upset her stomach. This comes after the faux Forrester matriarch suggests ‘getting even’.

After Quinn ‘leaves the room’, this is when Zoe puts some of the concoction into the cup. It’s made obvious that the jewellery designer knew exactly what she was implying. She wanted the model to spike Paris’ drink. After all, she herself had done it to Brooke, though this is never bought up. Hmm… wonder why.

Zoe is spiteful. She’s overly jealous of her sister and wants her to pay for ‘ruining’ her life.

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