OPINION: Duchess Meghan Just Needs To Keep Quiet!

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Meghan stans can stand by their girl all they want. However, the Duchess of Sussex needs to learn to keep her mouth shut and be quiet!

The first thing you think when you see a photo or even footage of Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex is she’s beautiful, successful, and is married to a prince. That is not the way we see her. To us, she is nothing more than a social climbing narcissist that turned her husband against the rest of his family. She has whispered sweet nothings in his ear about how his family is toxic. To us, she needs to keep QUIET!

Who does this woman think she is? Before she even married Prince Harry, she was a female lead on ONE television show. It’s not like she’s Jennifer Garner in Alias or Jessica Alba in Dark Angel or LA’s Finest. They’ve also had successful feature film careers whereas Meghan has appeared in minor supporting roles in Remember Me and Horrible Bosses. Sure, she even appeared in less obscure projects like Random Encounters.

Not About Race, It’s About Attitude

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We are not against the woman’s race or her looks. This is about her attitude towards her newfound privilege. How can Meghan, who was doing fairly well in Hollywood as a D-list actress claim she was being treated poorly by her in-laws? She knew what she was walking into when she met Harry on that ‘blind date’. Dating royalty is not the same as it would be for a regular person.

In the engagement interview, Harry claimed his family would be like the family his soon-to-be wife had never really had. At this time, she was still talking to her dad, but was still estranged from her half-siblings, Tom Jr and Samantha. This was fair enough given all the horrible things they’d said about her.

Fast forward only a couple of years and Meghan and Harry are taking jabs at the institution that welcomed her with open arms. How do we know this? Well, Sophie Wessex, the prince’s aunt has said that the family welcomes all newcomers. Why would she lie about that? She has been a senior royal for over twenty years. Sure, there’s going to be people who will say she’s just saying that because she has to.

Sophie is not someone who would just say something because royal PR says so. She’s raising her children, Lady Louise and James, Viscount Severn to be as normal as possible. She remains quiet and will only answer when asked about a certain topic.

Fame Addict And Not Getting What She Wants

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It is no secret that Meghan will not keep quiet about anything that concerns her. The royal policy regarding tabloid stories is not to respond at all. However, when a ‘false’ story comes out about the troublesome duchess, she wants to put out a statement… every time something threatens her image.

We’ve mentioned before that we think Meghan is simply using Harry to improve her own image. This is a theory, but we cannot forget how it is claimed that the pending arrival of Archie apparently ruined Princess Eugenie’s wedding. If the story is anything to go by, the bride and her mother, Sarah Ferguson were beyond thrilled when the newly appointed Duchess of Sussex made the day about her.

Lady Colin Campbell has been openly critical of Markle, calling her a ‘fame addict’ in her new book. She also stated that just days after the May 2018 royal wedding, Meghan claimed to be ‘bored’ and wanted to leave Prince Charles’ birthday garden party after not even a half hour. If there’s one thing that really raised alarm bells was when she was denied an emerald tiara for her wedding day.

The then-Ms Markle apparently shrieked to Harry which prompted the Queen to get involved. She told him his fiancée couldn’t have what she wanted. Back then, we defended Meghan, saying that she was new to royal life. We look back on it, it was just the beginning of a bigger situation.

One last point we wanted to mention is the whole tantrum Megs and Harry threw over the use of their ‘Sussex Royal’ brand name. In a nutshell, they were told that once they stepped down, they couldn’t use their obnoxiously created trademark. The couple then complained that the Queen couldn’t stop them from using the word “royal”.

Meghan Is An Opportunist

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While we take no issue with taking opportunities where you can get them, it is not okay to take them when someone is trying to do something important. Look at the commotion that was caused with the African documentary. The Duchess, being an actress, made good of her skills by claiming her in-laws didn’t ask if she was okay when she was pregnant.

Ahh… how can she suddenly go from being supported as mentioned in the engagement interview to not being so a year and a half later? Yeah, we confused too. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great that Harry said his family were supportive. However, how could things go downhill so quickly?

Meghan bought all the issues on herself. She saw an opportunity to scream at Kate’s staff when they refused to do what she wanted. Before this, she even went so far as to whine that she couldn’t wear an emerald tiara on her wedding day. It’s even been speculated that this piece was actually the one worn by Princess Eugenie.

Meghan: “I Was Unprotected While I Was Pregnant.”

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Meghan has not been quiet in airing her ‘grievances’ with the royal family. During her lawsuit which involves the media, she has claimed that she was unprotected by her in-laws while she was pregnant and that she wasn’t allowed to speak out when something was untrue.

OMG! The woman had plenty of protection! She had security that Prince Charles was practically paying for. Yes, the Firm barely helped Diana, but they learned from their mistakes. If Catherine had not been able to handle it, she would not have married William or given him three children.

Yes, every person is different, but we’ve said countless time before, the royal family is nothing like Hollywood. Meghan thought she could handle it and believed the situations were similar. FYI, it’s not. You’ve read books on Princess Diana and you’re extremely well-read. It doesn’t take someone too long to realise how tough it would be in the royal family.

Every member of the family is protected. Meghan believes that she wasn’t because she wasn’t flanked by bodyguards like a president would be. Sorry, love but you weren’t living in the US at that. point You were living in the UK where everything is vastly different.

Harry Becomes Meghan’s Lapdog

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“What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

These are reportedly the words, Prince Harry used when he was told his then-fiancée could not have the tiara she wanted for their wedding. What does this tell us about the now Duchess of Sussex?

It actually tells us quite a bit. She’s demanding and the now-Duke knows this. However, he cannot tell her ‘no’. If she wants something, she thinks she will get it straight away and everyone will ‘bow down’ to her because of her new status as a daughter-in-law of a future king.

For Harry, he is now stuck with a wife who expects everything to fall at her feet like magic. According to a quote from royal commentator Katie Nicholl, the Duke and Duchess make big plans over dinner and expect them to happen within days. Talk about unrealistic. Big plans take time to execute. Before even meeting his now wife, the prince would never be this demanding. He would work through things at his own pace. His one true achievement in his career since his time in the military is the Invictus Games which took time to plan. It didn’t simply come together over the space of a week.

Meghan’s influence over him has left Harry in a state of limbo. He can’t go forward but he can’t go back. She holds one thing over him; she could take Archie away from him if they were ever to divorce. She’s capable of anything given she ended her 30-year friendship with her childhood best friend all because she sided with her [Meghan’s] ex-husband, Trevor Engelston.

Harry has lost a load of respect from people who use to applaud him for his decisions. Now, he looks incredibly angry in every photo that is taken.

It’s Fine To Voice Your Opinion But Not In Speeches

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Has anyone noticed that Meghan and Harry have taken subtle jabs at the royal family in their recent speeches? In the Duchess’ most recent public speaking for Girl Up, she says to always follow your gut. Were her internal thoughts to trash the family who treated her so warmly and welcomed her with open arms as stated by Sophie Wessex?

To make it even worse, Meghan has forced Harry to think twice about his own family. He was so happy once upon a time. His nephews and niece got to see him whenever they wanted but now they can’t because their new aunt is being a scrooge.

Then, there’s the upcoming biography that will explain the ‘truth’ surrounding Harry and Meghan’s exit from the royal family. There’s no way they’re going to keep quiet about what their actual feelings are. They’re just going to have the duchess play the victim as she does in all her speeches.

Meghan Tries To Upstage Her Royal In-Laws

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Meghan is always looking for ways to upstage her more important in-laws to make herself look relevant. She thinks her fashion choices beat Catherine’s. First off, the Duchess of Sussex buys something worth thousands of pounds and only wears it once. Her sister-in-law and the future Queen Consort is known to buy clothing at a such cheaper rate and re-wears it.

Also, has anyone noticed that Meghan’s clothing is always either too big for her, does not fit her body shape and her shoes are too large for her feet? Wearing heels over a long period of a day can be exhausting. But if you’ve seen her in Suits, her outfits actually fit her properly. Not to mention, her ex-best friend Jessica Mulroney is well known for being her stylist.

We’ve also written about how one royal writer claims Meghan is jealous of not just Catherine, but Princess Eugenie too. We’re not too sure we actually believe that, but we thought we’d add it to add context to how different the two other royals are to their American in-law.

From the beginning, Meghan believed she would be the next Princess Diana. She had an obsession with Harry’s mother up until her tragic death in 1997.

If you look closely at some of the Duchess’ clothing choices, there are clear nods to the mother-in-law she never got to meet. Yes, Catherine does the same thing, but it’s so subtle, you probably wouldn’t notice unless it got pointed out.

Then there’s the whole Eugenie’s wedding thing where it would be the perfect place to tell her new family of her pending arrival; Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. It is believed Harry was utterly embarrassed that his wife chose to steal the spotlight away from his cousin. This was when the guy was reasonable.

I Won’t Stay Quiet Since The Rules Do Not Apply To ME

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Meghan doesn’t know when to keep her opinions quiet. She thinks that people will listen to her ideas if she simply speaks out about them. While we’ve said that it’s perfectly fine to have an opinion, in the royal family, you need to watch what you say.

The British Royal family has a tradition of being apolitical – remaining neutral – however Meghan doesn’t like this rule. It should be noted that she does not like any of the protocols her husband had to follow since the moment he was born. The Duchess – who does not like US President Donald Trump – was not present when he arrived in England for an audience with the Queen.

Also, Meghan is known for stepping in front of her husband rather than staying in step or a few paces behind him. This is a massive no-no in terms of etiquette. In her eyes, she is not the quiet one but wants to be the most important person in the room, even if the event is not actually about her.

It should be noted that Markle does not like playing second best. She wants to lead and thought she would lead the royal family out of the stone ages. Sorry, this is not the way it works. You married the sixth in line to the throne. If you want to be queen, you should’ve shacked up with William, though you’re not really his type. Catherine is the love of his life, so stick it!

Is It Love? Is It Manipulation?

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Now, a lot of people have their own opinion of what happened when Meghan and Harry got together. We’re not sure whether their version is true or not but we’re not going to remain quiet on our views here because this needs to be said.

Does what Harry and Meghan have equal true love? Here’s what we think and we doubt it’s real. Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘wow, that’s harsh.’ You’re right, it is but the way the duchess controls every aspect of their public persona such as the constant hand holding, the pats on the back, stepping in front of her husband, etc is sketchy at best.

For a normal person with zero royal ties, stepping in front of a partner would go unnoticed. However, as a member of the Firm, this is not on. There is a pecking order and Meghan refuses to remain quiet on the idea of not caring about the rules that apparently don’t apply to her.

Does Harry love Meghan? This is our next question. He is never seen smiling anymore. The prince use to be fun and use to show it. Now, he is depressed and he’s been brainwashed by his wife to hate his family

Since everything hasn’t gone Meghan’s way, she has not kept quiet about her experiences. But if we’re honest, she’s only bitter because they didn’t bend to her demands.

Being Quiet Would Be Wrong

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In Meghan’s eyes, her outspoken nature should be nurtured not kept quiet. She hates that the palace has so many rules and she’s the whole reason why there’s constant turmoil amongst her and Harry and William and Catherine. The duchess is the whole the Wales brothers at odds. Diana would be rolling in her grave if she could see her boys now.

As Paul Burrell said in an interview, the princess and the duchess would not get along given their personalities.

What’s all we have to say on this matter for now. Like what you’ve read? Be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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