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The Secrets She Keeps: Questions & Answers


The Secrets She Keeps has been red-hot on the blog as of late and we’ve gotten a few questions regarding certain parts of the story. We thought we’d do our best to answer some of them for you.

The Secrets She Keeps has made the stats on Project Fangirl just skyrocket and we’re so grateful for the love. However, we wanted to share of the burning questions and answers we’ve been asked since the mini series started.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it. We do have to caution that this post does contain spoilers for the series, some of the book and there will be mentions of rape.

Who Is Nicky?

This first question is what inspired this post. Nicky is Agatha’s much older ex-husband with whom she had a stillborn daughter. When the series started, we assumed he was her stepfather before we learned they were once married.

Agatha tells her boyfriend Hayden that Nicky is her uncle, but is caught out in her own lie.

Who Does Agatha Kill?

Agatha kills Nicky by pushing him in front of a train. She also indirectly killed a series of babies before she kidnaps baby Ben and calls him Rory.

Was Agatha Raped?

Yes, she was. As a teenager, she was raped by a church elder who ultimately got her pregnant. She gave birth to a child that she was forced to watch be taken away from her and put up for adoption.

Why Does Agatha Despise Meghan?

‘Despise’ is a bit of a strong word to describe what Agatha does. She thinks Meghan has the perfect life with the husband the two kids while she is forced to struggle with her own life. She can’t keep her boyfriend with her and she thinks she deserves to have a baby and feels the need to nurture someone in the way she never got treated. However, she has zero idea of how to care for someone as vulnerable as a child is as all the babies she kidnapped in the past died before they could be returned to their mothers.

What Motivates Agatha To Steal Meghan’s Baby?

There’s a couple of reasons Agatha steals Meghan’s baby. The first is she has had an obsession with motherhood ever since she gave birth as a teenager and was never able hold the child. She also feels that Meghan is selfish because she already has a daughter and a son and has a third on the way.

Who Is The Father Of The Baby?

It’s left ambiguous as to who the baby’s biological father is or at least, that’s what we got from the story. We could be wrong. The father is likely Jack but it could be Simon. Meghan has a DNA test done, but we think she switches Ben’s sample with Lachie’s.

Got Questions?

Did you have questions that we didn’t add here? Comment below and we’ll get them when we can. We’ll write another post if there’s enough questions. Thanks all!

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