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No more Nice Queen…

There is only so much you can do when it to rogue relatives. Every family has one or two, but when your family is on the world stage, there’s always a line to be drawn in the sand. Her Majesty The Queen has done her best to keep the traditional mantra was of ‘Never complain, never explain’ in play in regards to her grandson, Prince Harry and granddaughter-in-law, Meghan Markle, but enough is now enough. According to a recent article by the Daily Mail, the situation needs to be defused and soon before the Sussexes can speak out any more with THEIR truth.

The Queen has been caught in the middle of a fight between the BBC and Harry and Meghan over whether the couple asked her permission to use her private nickname, Lilibet. Well-placed sources at the palace told the outlet that the Duke did NOT get his grandmother’s consent. If there was any conversation, the youngest of Prince Charles’ sons wasn’t specific as to what his request was.

It should be noted that there is a huge difference between ASKING and TELLING. Within 90 minutes of the article going up, Harry threatened to sue, as per the Sun. He’s bitter of what the BBC did to avoid punishment back in the 90s to get his mother’s Panorama interview. Yes, what the outlet did to Diana was horrible, but that is not the broadcaster what the broadcaster is now. It’s a miracle they even reinvestigated it to begin with. Most media outlets would just sweep it under the rug.

The Queen Has Every Right To Be Upset

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Her Majesty has every right to fight back against her grandson and his wife. Ignoring the situation has corrected it in any sense the way she thought it was. Now, it’s not her fault. She IS 95-years-old and there’s only so much she can take. After all, she did just lose her husband, Prince Philip after 73 years of marriage. What makes the who Sussex drama so sad is that they took advantage of the Queen’s kind heart. They chose to broadcast the so-called dirty laundry while the Duke of Edinburgh was in hospital. Then, there was a story that came out saying Meghan wouldn’t postpone the Oprah interview because the palace were using Philip’s illness as an excuse to ‘muzzle’ her. Whether that is actually true is anyone’s guess.

The Queen has been nothing but supportive of Harry and Meghan. But, they choose to throw the entire family under the bus just to get an in with the A-list celebrities they’re trying to impress. For the Sugars, would you want your private nickname used as the first name for someone else’s child? You wouldn’t want that as it something, would you?

Harry might say that he respects his grandmother, but why the HELL did he trash her parenting style? Does he not realise that the way she was raised was just the done thing back in the day? Same applies to his father, Prince Charles. The Queen was doing her duty to her country. That is something the Duke of Sussex knows very little about.

Not The Perfect Soldier

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After doing some research, we came across an interesting article by It contains part of an interview with General Lord Dannatt who spoke as part of a 2018 documentary called Harry & Meghan, Warrior Prince. He spoke about why the now-Duke of Sussex was not deployed to Iraq in 2007.

General Lord Dannatt was the head of British army during Harry’s time in service. According to him, the Duke was angry about not being able to serve his country when he told he wouldn’t be deployed to this particular conflict because of security concerns. The former head of the British army sat him down and explained why he wouldn’t be going to Iraq. Before we quote him, we have to say that the Queen and Prince Charles were both briefed as to whether he would be deployed or not.

According to the Forces article, the media had worked out incredibly accurately where Harry was going, what his unit would be, and so on. Dannatt said:

It wasn’t so much a concern for his safety, but the increased risk that his presence created for those around him.

He also said this regarding Harry’s reaction to being told he wasn’t being deployed:

His personal reaction was one of real frustration and some anger.

It was stated, however, that Harry did end up seeing 10 weeks of front line action in Afghanistan. His job was being a forward air controller.

Let’s not forget the controversies with the Nazi uniform and the racist slurs. Harry needs to consider his past and how he has treated his family, especially his grandmother before he goes about suing the BBC.

The Queen Can Only Take So Much More

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It’s hard to deny that Her Majesty The Queen is a steadfast woman. She has endured so much in her lifetime. She ended up on the throne at young age. This came after her father was forced to take up the crown after his older brother, Edward VIII, abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson. Since her uncle never had children, the then-Princess Elizabeth was the only one who take up the role after her father’s demise. After almost 70 years, she has seen a LOT.

From the death of her father to the situation with Harry and Meghan, there is only so much one person can take. It is no wonder the Queen could potentially fire back at future accusations that will be levelled against her family. Harry appears to forget that his grandmother is 95. There is no wonder why he is not being believed.

He has alluded that his family was not supportive of him and Meghan and that they were racists alongside the whole of the UK. People want him held accountable for his actions as he has gotten off too lightly. Hopefully, the Queen realises taking the high road isn’t the best option in this case.

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