Meghan Wanted To Be Queen… We Knew That Narrative Was Coming…

Queen Meghan

No surprises here that the Queen Meghan narrative would be spun eventually…

Queen Meghan. Just typing that makes us cringe. So, it comes as no one’s surprise that The Sun has made the claim that the Duchess of Sussex thought she and Harry would someday take the throne. Yeah, fat chance of that ever happening. Sorry, Megs, but Haz is so far down the pecking order there’s like a 1% chance of him becoming king.

Also, doesn’t ‘Queen Meghan’ know how the monarchy even works? Of course she doesn’t. The piece in the Sun makes a valid point when it says that she is a Hollywood reject. Right on the money. It might only be a comment piece but the points are just that, on point.

While the piece is just one person’s opinion on ‘Queen Meghan’, it confirms what a load of people who can’t get on the Sussex train have suspected. The Oprah interview is the ultimate revenge for what the former actress would see as getting even with everyone who supposedly stood in her way of getting to her true target; the throne.

Now, Harry in our eyes is just a pawn in Meghan’s game of ‘Get me to the throne if you dare’. This is also where the rumour that Prince William cheated on Catherine comes into play. It’s been speculated that it was ‘Queen Meghan’ who started the gossip train. Did she want her brother-in-law to begin with? Who really knows, but she should have gone after him and not his brother if she wanted to be Queen of England.

Though, William is too intelligent and would not have fallen for her sob story of having no family. His bullshit metre would’ve gone off immediately. However, Harry was desperate to have what his brother had that he picked the first woman he met on a ‘blind date’.

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