The Queen Allegedly Believes Grandson Prince Harry Does Not Deserve His Honorary Military Titles


The Queen, according to a royal expert, is said to think that Harry is no longer deserving of his military titles…

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and his grandmother The Queen were once very close. Now, it appears that Her Majesty is fed up with his and wife Meghan’s antics. It has been said by royal expert, Kevin O’Sullivan that she may be considering stripping him the honorary military titles she bestowed upon him, as per 9Honey.

Now, we’ve spoken about this before to be bluntly honest, yes, he should be stripped of these honors. He has been acting like his wife; a self-entitled diva every time someone tells them, “no”. Also, it has become apparent that in order to them, he needs to be working for his grandmother in the UK. What could he possibly do with them in the US?

Another commentator, Charlie Rae has said that Harry cannot have the titles and be in the US. He’s absolutely right. The prince can’t have his cake and eat it too. He says that while he understands that the military will always be something the Duke of Sussex remains somewhat committed to, he is doing everything in his power (what power?) to stop his grandmother from removing them. Whether we believe this is salt worthy because there’s no way to be sure.

If Harry really wants to keep them, he should stop acting like the spoilt brat he is and go back to the UK, regardless of what Meghan wants. If his titles were so important to him, he would’ve put his foot down and told his wife as such. He cannot stand up to her and it shows.

Meghan doesn’t care about what he wants. She never did. All she cares about is herself and her needs. With that being said, Harry needs to wake up and see she is using him.

The Queen Is In The Right To Do As She Sees Right

[Credit: The New York Times]

The Queen is not the villain in this scenario. In fact, she never was. Meghan can feed this narrative to Harry all she likes but any sane person can see this isn’t true. If anything, Her Majesty is putting her foot down as she has before. She can see what her granddaughter-in-law is doing to her grandson and wants to keep his wife at as arms length as she can.

Putting a stop to her grandson’s constant tantrums is what the Queen wishes to accomplish. It is not about being spiteful despite what Meghan might think. Her Majesty is doing what is best for her family. If she thinks stripping Harry of his military titles will teach him a lesson, so be it.

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