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As we move closer to Stargirl Season 2, we thought it would be fun to a Q and A session here on the blog and across on the Stargirl Wiki. The post we have set up over there will be where you can all ask questions. Ask any question about the show and it will get answered!

Our Q and A questions will be answered where they are posted too so we’re just going to transfer the answers over here via copy and paste. We’ll also edit some of the questions with errors.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our Q and A session! Before we begin, the answers will be slightly altered to fit with SEO on the post.

Q: Will Starman pick up the Cosmic staff ever again? – Rip Polo

Thanks for the question @Rip Polo! That’s a great starter question to this Q and A. I’m hoping there’s some kind of power struggle between Starman and Courtney when he shows up again. I don’t think he’ll wield it again per say. But, it will be left up to the staff who it chooses. Bear in mind that it thought Sylvester was dead for ten years and it has bonded with Courtney.

Q: Do you think Cameron will become good or bad next season? – Nubela3

Hi @Nubela3 ! This is often a question I ask myself like all the time and I wish I had a complete answer. As much as I want Cameron to remain good, it has been teased that Babyicle (thanks, Hunter) would be coming sooner rather than later. Bear in mind too that this is a grain of salt at best. Our main villains for Season 2 are The Shade and Eclipso. But, I suspect that given the way Jordan’s death played out at the hands of Mike, this might factor into how Cameron sees Courtney. She saw what happened and didn’t do anything to do stop it. The guilt would likely eat her alive and Cameron’s grief of losing his father would likely make him a target for Eclipso to feed off his grief. Tie that all together and I would say we will get Icicle Junior in some form.

If anything I think there could be a chance that he could become like Killer Frost in The Flash. This is where she went from taking over Caitlin’s body to be evil, to an anti-hero to a full-blown hero with questionable contacts. I think part of the storyline in the comics where he was forced to side with JSA at one point will play out to some degree. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Q: What are your thoughts on the ongoing rumor of Beth and Yolanda’s possible death next season by the hands of Eclipso? Do you also believe they might go with that route?

Hi @CherryLee HartLey ! Yes, this page is still active. To answer your question, I don’t think Yolanda and Beth will be killed off because what would’ve been the point to set them up as main characters only to have them die? From what I’ve seen and heard, in the comics Yolanda and Beth were basically set up to be characters that were killed off for the sake of it. A bit like Joey was in the Season 1.

However, I think Eclipso will affect Yolanda given she did kill Brainwave.


So, these are just a few questions that we’ve answered so far. We want everyone to get involved so be sure to visit this post on the Stargirl Wiki to ask a question. We’ll be doing additional posts as more promo material comes out and as the second season starts up. There’s a lot of unanswered questions, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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