Stargirl: How Far Does Someone Have To Be Pushed To Become A Villain?


To push a person too far is to create your own worst enemy…

Everyone has their limits. But what happens when you push someone too far and they turn against you? That’s the question we’re going to answer in this new Stargirl post! As we come closer to promo material being dropped for Season 2, we need to ask ourselves, how many of the ISA became villains in the first place and why. Then, there’s all the stuff we need to unpack from the Season finale and what could happen going forward.

The first season explored the backstories for Brainwave, Icicle, and Shiv (of sorts). However, there were past events that weren’t even mentioned or included. Also, there was setup for one character in the two part Season finale but not any other while introducing two others who will play a role later down the line.

This post will go over potential villains and characters who might go dark but not necessarily become villainous.

Before we begin, we need to caution that this post does contain spoilers for Stargirl Season 1 and potential spoilers for Season 2.

The Tragic Backstory

We all know that a tragic backstory can turn any character dark. Look at what happened with Jordan Mahkent. Now, there are factors that we don’t know about him or his family. But in the first season we learn that the leader of the Injustice Society was actually a sympathetic guy who went too far.

Jordan lost his wife, Christine to cancer when their son Cameron was only a child. As the Season goes on, we discover that the school Icicle’s wife had been teaching at had been a toxic dump site which lead to her getting sick. This lead the businessman to vow revenge on those who were responsible in contributing to her demise.

However, there was one tiny catch. Cameron knew nothing about his father’s plan or about the powers he had inherited. He was raised by his paternal grandparents who were in on Jordan’s plan for Project: New America.

Now, before we jump into Cameron, we need to stress that we don’t know anything about Jordan’s powers came to be. It is implied that his abilities were inherited from at least one of his parents. This is likely the case with his son too given the way Lily was talking.

Just prior to Project: New America being unleashed, Sofus and Lily tried to push Jordan to tell his son about who they were. He refused, not wanting Cameron involved. Though, given the way the Season 1 finale played out, there’s every chance the teenage artist could follow in his dad’s icy footsteps.

A Push To An Icy Fall To The Dark Side?

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Jumping over to Cameron, there’s not a whole lot we know about him. We’re aware he is beginning to come into his powers, only he doesn’t realise this. The only ability that has been established is his ice breath. This took place on his late mother’s birthday which he states earlier in ‘The Justice Society’ episode that it’s a rough day for him and his father.

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

Now, given behind-the-scenes sneak peeks thanks to the cast, it appears (as per Hunter’s selfie) that Cameron will be mourning the loss of his father. We don’t currently have a confirmation as to how much time passes between Season 1 and 2 but we think not a lot given what we see in the photo on the left.

Now, given Cameron wasn’t in the Season 1 finale, though he was mentioned in ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One’, it doesn’t mean much for his future currently. However, the way his father dies at the hand of Mike Dugan might be enough to trigger the dominant powers. The episode ‘The Justice Society’ alludes to the idea of his powers existing when he blows out a birthday candle in honour of his late mother, Christine.

Cameron’s powers will likely be pushed by grief and anger. After all, he did lose his father in the most violent of ways. It was teased that there would be drama and if powers are involved then it’s going to be get pretty messy for Camney.

The Lies Told By Sofus And Lily

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The episode ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part One’ was the last time we see Jordan’s parents, Sofus and Lily. They even mention how they want to tell Cameron about who their family is. However, their son refuses to allow them to tell their grandson anything.

Now, given that Jordan is gone, there is no denying that his demise will likely lead Lily and Sofus to tell Cameron lies that will push him away from Courtney. For all we know, they could tell him anything and he’d believe it.

Sofus and Lily made it no secret to Jordan that they did not approve of Courtney. However, Cameron had no idea what they were saying since he doesn’t speak or understand Norwegian which he mentions in the ‘Brainwave’ episode.

There’s going to be a lot of drama when Cameron starts to learn about his powers, but will it make him a straight out villain? Not necessarily. The lies from Sofus and Lily could corrupt him to the point he won’t listen to reason. This would be similar to how Cindy won’t bow down to authority. However, it would be his grandparents whispering in his ear to only believe them and what his father wanted for him.

Courtney’s Choice: Cameron Or Mike

Courtney is going to have to pick a side when the truth about how Jordan died comes to light. Currently, we don’t know what excuse will be used for the villain’s demise. Did he go MIA or will the partial truth that he is dead be used? It could be either.

Going back to Courtney, she has a relationship with both these guys. She has a crush on Cameron while Mike is her (step)brother. There’s no doubt in our minds that she will want to do the right thing though she will only be able to pick one side.

Cameron deserves to be told the truth about how his dad died, but Mike will be in the crossfire. After all, killing Jordan was an accident as he wanted to protect his family. It might even prompt a divide in the JSA in what Courtney should do.

One half of the team will want Cameron to remain in the dark while the other will want him to know the truth. So far, the only one outside of Courtney who knows about the potential villainous offspring maybe having powers is Pat. After all, he was at that awkward as hell dinner party.

Who Would Pick What Side?

Rick Tyler; 101 Fun Facts
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Let’s say that Courtney does tell the JSA want happened at the dinner party and how Cameron’s dad is Icicle. Who would be on what side?

Rick would probably be on the side of not telling Cameron. His reasoning would be the following as Jordan:

  • Kidnapped and almost killed Barbara.
  • Destroyed Chuck.
  • Almost killed the whole team.
  • Sent Solomon Grundy to kill his parents.
  • Sent Sportsmaster and Tigress to take out the Whitmore-Dugans.

He would also argue that if Cameron knew that Mike killed his dad it would make the whole team a target for a potential revenge attack. Rick would be right to say that. After all, Jordan sent Courtney a warning with the icy star in the park.

Then we have Beth. She is always looking on the bright side of any situation. She would probably tell the team she grew up with Cameron and that he’s a nice guy who is nothing like his father.

That leaves Yolanda. It’s likely she would side with Rick given what she did to Brainwave. Though, she may choose Beth’s side like when she [Beth] proposed they find out who Cindy’s parents are.

Pat would likely have to be Switzerland because he can’t upset both his son and his daughter. He would want Courtney to do the right thing, but at the same time, he doesn’t want Mike to become a target. Barbara would likely be in the same position.

Another ISA Legacy: Artemis Crock

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Another ISA legacy that we’ll see a potential push towards the dark side is the daughter of Sportsmaster and Tigress, Artemis Crock. Known for her temper and competitive streak, she could very well be on her way to villainy.

Given who her parents are, Artemis is still very much in the dark about what Larry and Paula get up to while on ‘date nights’.

Anaya Bowin even says that she fears how Artemis will turn out. Mind you, this was before she got killed by Paula who she’d just called a bad parent.

We also know that Artemis is not stupid. She knew something was off when her parents announced they were going on a date night. It would be fun to see what was going through her mind in that moment. Though, we need to ask what could push her into evil territory?

Aspects Inherited From Her Mother

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As Anaya states, Artemis is very much like her mother. We get a glimpse at this in ‘The Justice Society’ when she punches a fellow football player for criticising her. Her violent tendencies were also backed up by her father just before he and Paula kill the football coach for benching their daughter.

Considering we do not see Artemis very much in Season 1 and she only has a handful of lines, so we don’t really know enough about her to say for sure that she is going to turn evil. However, there might be a few things that may make her question who she is and her position in the equation:

  • She could see her parents die and want revenge.
  • Artemis is taken over by Eclipso.
  • Cindy recruits her to a new version of the ISA.
  • Paula and Larry tell her everything and she willingly joins them.

Honestly, it could be anything. Though, it might be the deaths of one of her parents that brings Artemis to the forefront of being a potential villain. However, her brash and outspokenness isn’t enough to say for sure.

Revenge For Bullying Or The Death Of His Mother? – Isaac Bowin

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Despite not having much of a role in Season 1, Isaac Bowin’s last two appearances were enough make an impact and gave us setup for next Season. In fact, he was the only ISA legacy to receive any push in the finale. In fact, it got teased he would become the third Fiddler.

Why this was done is unclear, but something tells us that there’s going to be some reveal during Season 2 as to where he sits in the story going forward. After all, his father is in prison while his mother is dead. Thanks Tigress and Sportsmaster.

We saw that Isaac is a constant victim of bullying. It gets to the point where he goes to his mother who tells him a story about his father. According to her, his dad ran the bow of his violin through the ear of his bully and he never got picked on again.

This inspires Isaac to hit his own bully over the head with his tuba. When a teacher asks him what his mother would say if she knew, he tells him that she told him to do it. By this point in the story, his mother is dead.

Going into Season 2, we don’t know if Isaac will know what happened to his mother. It’s not confirmed if he’s in the next season as there’s been no confirmation, but let’s assume he is. Will he want revenge for Anaya’s murder and this leads him to becoming the new Fiddler?

Isaac has already fallen into a dark hole thanks to his mother’s prompting. How far this will end up going is anyone’s guess. Also, when Tigress kills Anaya there is a shot of the violin case before it cuts away. So… what happened to it?

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