Meghan’s Cringeworthy Dedication In ‘The Bench’ For Her Only Recognised Family


You make my heart go pump-pump…

Cue the cringeworthiness that is Meghan Markle and her children’s book, The Bench. We’ve already seen how she tried to trump sister-in-law Catherine’s book, Hold Still with the announcement she was releasing her debut children’s book. But now, she has gone one step further and revealed what her dedication says, according to the Royal News Network. It says, “For the man and the boy who make my heart go pump-pump.” Umm… *insert cringe face emoji here*

Meghan claims she is a good writer. Yeah, no, she’s not. A true writer wouldn’t write something as cringy as, “For the man and the boy who make my heart go pump-pump.” The only reason she got all those followers with her blog, The Tig is because she was on television and she had a large following from that. Earlier today, we wrote about how Baby Sussex number 2 is potentially due on Prince Philip’s birthday. So… she’s claiming that her only family is her husband and her son and soon, her daughter who we have no doubt will be the apple of her eye? What about Doria?

Oh, right. There has been speculation arising that Doria has been cut off from the Sussex fold. If we were writing the ‘pump-pump’ dedication, we would’ve put ‘boom-boom’. Like that song in Coyote Ugly. Vocalising something is sometimes much easier than having to write something in the same context. If Meghan does become ‘serious’ about being a writer then she’ll need lessons. Writing a blog where you’re often writing in the first person is much easier than writing fiction. She’s no Fergie, that’s for sure. The only difference between the two is that Meghan is trying to capitalise off her title while married to a blood-born member of the royal family. The Duchess of York has been divorced from Prince Andrew for over two decades.

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