Prince Harry And Meghan Have Not Actually Left Public Life Like They Said They Would

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Saying something and doing it are two very different things. Well, Prince Harry and Meghan have been criticised for not actually leaving public life they said they would.

And the criticism just doesn’t end when it comes to Prince Harry and his wife Meghan’s decision to leave the royal lifestyle behind just eighteen months after getting married. However, the couple, who are always in the media, have been criticised for not actually leaving public life like they alleged they would.

We have reason to believe that there’s more to this than what a lot of people think.

Didn’t Actually Say They’d Leave Public Life

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While we hate that Megs and Haz have divided the royal family, there is one thing we wanted to point out. The person who is doing the criticising is political commentator, Iain Dale who says the couple have not stayed away from the media. However, we need to point out that when the pair said they were stepping down, they never mentioned leaving public life. Furthermore, all that was commented on was they wanted to be “financially independent.”

Dale said the following about Harry and Meghan not stepping away from public life:

I think it is interesting that Meghan Markle is doing speeches like this. I thought the whole point of going to America was so they could have a private life.

Iain Dale on Jeremy Vine

If you read the Sussexes’ statement, there is not one reference to them going stepping down. There is a difference between between this and withdrawing from public life.

Victoria Arbiter Weighs In

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Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter has made the same point we have. She has said to the royal couple’s decision to leave the Firm:

I think that has been incredibly difficult for Harry and Meghan. You have to feel for Meghan, because she comes from a background where, if there is an incorrect story put out in Hollywood, in acting circles, then a publicist comes forward and says, ‘No that’s not true, print a retraction, print the correct story’.

Victoria Arbiter

While she’s right, it’s not exactly proper to just assume something you little or nothing about. Leave it for people like Victoria to decipher.

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