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Chronicles Of Harkle: The Sussex House Of Cards Is Toppling At An Alarming Rate


Has Harry Windsor (formerly known as Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex) suddenly become psychic? The Sussex lie train has become enormous with the King and Queen of Montecito out in force on the same day with the “misinformation” summit and Meghan’s interview. What’s more, is this second talk is where she said she wasn’t using her title for political gain. Ah-huh, right. I don’t believe that for even a nanosecond. Anyway, the appeal for the Mail on Sunday v. MM privacy court case has dropped some whoopers regarding new evidence.

I may have to do part two, as there’s a stack of information. Now, some of the intel that has come from the privacy court case doesn’t alarm me. What’s more, I’ll also cover some of the misinformation panel Harry did, Meghan’s interview, the Sussexes attending the gala for veterans in New York.

Finally, I’ll also answer a few questions as to why the new evidence didn’t come out sooner. Before we start, this post will be on the long side, so I just wanted to issue a heads up before we started. Without further ado, let’s jump into it! Our first topic is psychic Harry!

Harry Windsor, Psychic!

Dukedom; psychic
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To begin, we’ve known for a while that Harry (allegedly) hates social media. So, that brings me to an article that came out after his Re:Wired talk on misinformation. According to Graeme Massie of the Independent, the runaway prince claimed he had contacted Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on January 5th to tell him that there was going to be an insurrection on Capitol Hill. Holly Christodoulou of the Sun’s article was republished on also covered the story.

Harry’s accusations to me don’t make much sense. He has previously claimed social media overall is toxic. Then how did he know that the insurrection was going to happen? He also goes on to blame Twitter for the insurrection starting in the first place. So, here are my questions:

  • Did Harry have a metaphorical psychic vision since he thinks social media is a toxic vat of pudding? – this is a joke by the way.
  • Did psychic Harry see people planning the attack on Twitter? How could he do this without an account? However, it has been bought to our attention by our friend Sue Smith’s latest video called Court day two…Drop the mic…OMG that Harry allegedly has a private Twitter account to discover what is being said about Meghan.
  • Why did the rogue royal email the CEO of Twitter? What could he possibly do to stop the insurrection?
  • If Harry saw the attack coming, why didn’t he contact the FBI or another form of US law enforcement?

So, according to Harry, Jack ignored his email. Now, I’m not being cruel here, but Harry’s mental health is depleting. He doesn’t look happy the majority of the time. What’s more, we’re seen how he has contradicted himself multiple times in the past.

Harry Blames Twitter For… Everything And His View On The “Megxit” Term

depressing; psychic
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Continuing from the previous point, psychic Harry has blamed Twitter for everything. Also, he has labelled the term ‘Megxit’ as being “misogynistic”. Umm. Does he know what “misogynistic” mean? According to Stephanie Nolasco of Fox News, the ex-royal claims the word was coined by a troll. He also claims that royal correspondents picked it up. Okay, he does realise not all royal journalists are male, right?

It wasn’t created by a troll. According to a January 2020 article by the Columbia Journalism Review, the term was minted by The Sun.

Also, there’s a couple of other things we wanted to address. The first one is when we were researching this first topic, we found an article by Vanity Fair’s Josh Duboff from 2014 where Harry says openly that he hates Twitter. Moreover, this was two years before he met Meghan. At the time, he said the following:

The issue for myself and my family, put quite simply, is that it’s very hard for me to tweet about the Invictus Games and tweet about something that means a lot to me, whereas I, at the same time, really quite hate Twitter by the invasion of privacy. I think you all understand what I’m talking about.

Prince Harry on his ‘hatred’ of Twitter in Josh Duoff’s 2014 Vanity Fair article.

Ultimately, this is one part of a larger quote. Moreover, he claimed in this article that while he would love to be tweeting about things he’s passionate about. However, he stated there’s a “fine line” being on the platform.

Meghan Tag Teams With Mellody Hobson But Is Criticised By Her New “Friend”

[Credit: People Magazine]

Moving onto the next topic outside of Harry being “psychic”, Meghan appeared at the Dealbook Summit. She was joined virtually by Mellody Hobson, who is a businesswoman in her own right. Before I continue, I want to give a bit of information on Ms Hobson and her association with Markle.

So, Mellody is a chairwoman at Starbucks and used to be a chairwoman at Dreamworks Animation, so she’s pretty successful. Also, her husband is filmmaker George Lucas. Yes, THAT George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. As C-3PO would put it, he’s “The Maker”.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I wrote that Meghan had given $25 Starbucks gift cards to a group of people advocating for Paid Parental Leave. I called this out as tacky as $25 at Starbucks isn’t much. Also, I mentioned that Markle is worth millions and that she could’ve at least given the workers $100 gift cards.

Going over to the moment at hand, she allegedly called Mellody her “friend”. I want to insert here that I haven’t seen the interview. Though, I have read and seen videos about it. Anyway, an article by Holly Evans of the Express has said that Ms Hobson called Meghan out on her comments regarding the tabloids and social media being “toxic”.

Mellody rightly points out that all types of media can be used for good, regardless of whether it’s the tabloids or social media.

It should be noted that the reason Meghan is saying that the media is toxic is that sane people see through her victimhood narrative. The world is waking up to her bullshit. Anyone who isn’t in the Sussex Squad can see that she is causing more trouble than what it’s worth.

Meghan Defends Using Her Title

[Credit: People Magazine]

During the interview, Meghan was asked why she used her title to cold call senators. Her excuse for using her title was that she was only standing up for what’s right and that her conversations with the political figures weren’t political. Ah… come again? Then, there’s the whole thing where she said that it wasn’t a political issue but a humanitarian one. What was surprising, she acknowledged that her in-laws stay well away from politics and that she is aware of this. Well, I do have to give her credit for that.

If you’re calling politicians to talk about Paid Parental Leave, then it’s political. Any sane person knows that. Of course, the rabid Sussex Squad are going to defend her. Going back to what I said before, she is living in her home country where foreign titles aren’t recognised. Therefore, she shouldn’t be calling herself “The Duchess of Sussex” while in a country that is a) not a Commonwealth nation and b) when she’s not in the UK. She should be using her name as in Meghan Markle or Rachel M. Markle or Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor. Whatever the case is. Her title is not part of her name.

Jason Knauf Comes Out Swinging

[Credit: Yahoo News Australia]

The Sussexes made a massive error in judgement in crossing their former communications secretary, Jason Knauf. It’s a shame Harry didn’t use his psychic powers to predict this result. I reported back in March that the Sussexes’ former Press Secretary had revealed that Meghan had been bullying staff at Kensington Palace. Well, he’s had a witness statement drop during the appeal of the privacy court case as per Victoria Murphy of Town & Country Magazine, where he exposed a lot of Meghan (and Harry)’s lies.

For example, he reveals that the Sussexes gave intel to Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand for Finding Freedom. The couple made it look like that they had nothing to do with it. Hmm. I don’t know about you guys, but this sounds like what Diana did when Andrew Morton’s biography came out about her. She also claimed that she had zero to do with the book. However, it came out years later that she actually did supply information.

This is just another puzzle of Harry and Meghan’s “we’re victims like Diana” narrative. Anyway, going back to Jason Knauf, it’s been revealed that Markle wanted to pull at the heartstrings of the audience aka the public if the letter was leaked. So, she was advised to start the letter with “daddy”. She also claimed in her witness statement that she didn’t think her dad would leak it, and if he did, it would be on his conscience.

However, here’s where things get rather juicy. Thomas had no intention of making the letter public until Meghan’s five friends spoke to People Magazine and mentioned it. Essentially, they criticised him, and he needed a way to defend himself, so he released it, just like Meghan knew he would. How sick is that? Also, if this court case had been in a US court, the Sussexes and Omid Scobie would be charged and arrested with perjury.

Meghan’s Lame Excuse Of An Apology And What This Means For Her Credibility

[Credit: The Advertiser]

Okay, so when it came out that Meghan had lied, which all the sane people in the world knew anyway, the former actress had to issue an apology. I’ve seen the apology, and it is the worst excuse of an apology that I’ve ever seen. She claims she had “forgotten” about any of what Jason had included in his statement, according to Sam Greenhill of Mail Plus.

Ah-huh. I can tell you all right now she’s not sorry. Not even a little bit. She only issued an apology because she got caught. She genuinely believes she is above having to apologise to anyone as she is the victim of everything. As I mentioned previously, not telling the truth in court, means she, Harry, and Omid committed perjury. I have no idea whether there’s a law in the UK where charges are filed, but I know there are in the US.

The only person in the UK who cannot be charged for a crime or at least for perjury is the Queen or the reigning monarch at the time. This ultimately means no other member of the family is safe from prosecution, not even Harry and Meghan, even though they now live in a different country.

So, Meghan and Harry’s reputation and therefore, their credibility is already shot. Even before this evidence surfaced. The impact of the Oprah interview didn’t help their cause in any way, especially after most of “their truths” were debunked.

While the Sussex Squad will always defend her and say that Jason Knauf faked everything, it shows how delusional they are.

The Dress That Screams “Look At Me!”

[Credit: US Weekly]

The last thing I wanted to cover in this post is the dress Meghan wore to the Freedom Gala, where Harry presented metals and whatnot. Now, the announcement that Harry was going to be there had been out a while. However, there was no mention of his wife showing up. Was it a last-minute thing? Did they want it to be a surprise? Whatever the case, she didn’t have time to shop for a dress and just grabbed anything that she thought would look good.

Now, I want to make this clear. I am NOT body shaming Meghan. Not at all. I would NEVER do that. As a load of people have noticed, Markle has a habit of wearing outfits that aren’t tailored or fit poorly. One example was that Joker-like pantsuit she wore during her and Harry’s first “royal” tour of New York a few weeks ago. It was miles too big on her to the point she had to roll up the sleeves.

Also, she has been busted several times for wearing outfits that were too tight. The dress she wore to The Lion King premiere is another example of that. Yes, I understand she had just had Archie, but she could’ve gotten a different size. Again, I’m NOT shaming her. I can barely get clothing that fits me correctly. Anyway, there have been some okay looking dresses and other outfits that looked reasonable on her. However, there is a fine line between wearing something that fits like a glove to something that hangs off you like a potato sack.

In conclusion, Meghan has always looked great in red, there’s no denying that. However, she should not have worn a red dress to an event that celebrates veterans. Moreover, this was like when she wore the same colour at an event in the UK where she was matching Harry. The dress also looked like she had cone boobs like something Madonna or Lady Gaga would wear on stage.

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