The Press Is Right. Meghan Claims Privacy When It Suits Her.


There is nothing more irritating that Meghan Markle claiming she wants privacy when she actually wants the opposite.

We really need to focus on other royals but this was too big pass up. Now, we’ve talked about in the past that Meghan Markle is a fame addict. This was Lady Colin Campbell speaking, not us. It is one thing to invite people who you don’t know to your Hollywood-esque wedding which takes place under the watchful gaze of Her Majesty The Queen. But, it is something else entirely to claim you wanted out of the British Royal family because you wanted privacy but then end up seeking out the spotlight. Talk about a vast array of double standards.

The media the last couple of days have posted paywall only pieces claiming that Meghan only begs for privacy when she ‘wants’ it which is virtually never. She expects there to be articles written about her almost everyday so she pass off even more of pearls, we mean, word salads of preachy wisdom.

We can’t access these articles so don’t actually know what has been written, but we can imagine they all paint a similar, clich√© picture. One, we’re going to try and work out now. Bear in that this is our blog so opinions are all our own.

War Against The Royal Family

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Meghan’s claim for privacy stems all the way back to her in-laws, better known as the British royal family. In her and Harry’s engagement interview, she had high praise of them. Now, she’s fighting a one-sided battle she isn’t going to win.

The Royal family has existed for over one thousand years and has deeply rooted traditions that aren’t going to change just because a D-list actress wants them to. All the spouses who have married into this prestigious institution understand that privacy is almost non-existent.

Meghan was not naive when she started dating Harry. She knew exactly what she was getting herself into. We discussed this in a blog post the other day about how the former actress had written about Prince Charles and “Princess Kate” on her blog, The Tig.

If anything, Meghan is the one who start the battle against her in-laws, not Harry. She manipulated him into believing his family and the people of the UK were racist and she was their target the whole time. In other words, that where the so-called ‘conspiracy theory’ came in, according to Vanity Fair.

Meghan would’ve seen the media coverage her now-sister-in-law, Catherine got when she and Prince William were dating. The Duchess of Cambridge got treated terribly across the ten years they were on and off as a couple. Kate was called ‘Waity Katy’ all because she waited for her future husband to propose to her.

What makes Catherine different to Meghan is she has strong morals. She puts others ahead of herself. The former actress has ghosted people and cut those out of her life when they either don’t agree with her or their purpose is no longer required.

Los Angeles Won’t Give You The Privacy You Want

[Credit: The List]

When Meghan and Harry moved to the United States, they said they wanted their privacy. However, LA is one of the biggest hotspots for celebrity sightings. They are a couple who the paparazzi could make thousands of dollars off from photos. Yes, Doria lives there but they’re making her even more of a target for the paps.

Apparently there was an incident when Harry and Meghan were dating that saw the prince release a ‘strongly worded’ statement telling the media to stay away from her, as per Grazia.

Now, given how big Harry and Meghan are in terms of their status, their desire for privacy was always going to be an issue when they actually want to remain in the spotlight. Sure, consider us like those media leeches who print BS about people, but we’re only going of what we’ve observed.

Since they’ve been in America, Meghan and Harry have been in the media several times a week. Sometimes every day. If they actually wanted privacy, they wouldn’t be launching Archewell or doing deals with Netflix, and Spotify.

Harry: The Fish Out Of Water

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There is no doubt that Meghan is the one behind the whole Megxit debacle. Harry only championed it to keep his precious wife happy. As Katie Nicholl once said as quoted in an article by Vanity Fair:

The big plan, for Meghan at least, was always L.A.

Katie Nicholl – Royal Correspondent for Vanity Fair

If Meghan wants something, Harry will follow her to the ends of the Earth like a lost soul looking to rejoin its long forgotten body. The prince has always had structure in his life as he spent ten years in the army. Being blue-bloodied requires conformation.

Also, America is Meghan’s space place. She grew up there. Sure, she probably felt ‘out of place’ in the UK, but she knows how to make friends. Harry, depending on what you read, is said to be struggling. Though, there are others outlets saying he’s really loving the States.

What we believe doesn’t matter. Thing is, like Katie said, this was Meghan‘s longtime plan. Not Harry’s. Did Markle plan of snatching up the prince and then moving back to America to do who knows what? Who really knows and quite frankly, their screams fo privacy are being wear thin.

Did anyone notice that Harry said nothing when his wife had that op-ed published in the New York Times about a miscarriage she apparently suffered in July?

Privacy Means Staying Out Of The Spotlight

[Credit: Wall Street Journal]

When you think of celebrities wanting privacy you often think about retired actors like Cameron Diaz whom is very rarely seen in public nowadays. They get their desire and don’t keep seeking the one thing they’ve given up.

Meghan and Harry, on the other hand, have no desire for privacy. If they did, they wouldn’t have taken private jet to a charity event where they were there for ten minutes just for a photo op. Also, they wouldn’t have planted flowers at a preschool where the kids would’ve had no idea who they were or who Princess Diana was.

Also, who has a wedding with A-List guests the couple getting married barely knows? Finally, if they wanted to be private citizens they would have turned down the offer the Queen gave them of not giving them titles. But, no. Meghan wanted the glitz and glamour of a royal wedding like all the Disney Princess movies she would’ve watched.

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