Meghan Should’ve Taken Inspiration From Crown Princess Mary Of Denmark


Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary should’ve been an inspiration to Meghan Markle…

There is no denying that one of the best examples of a foreign princess is Mary, the Crown Princess of Denmark. She is a class act for any woman or man who was born and raised in another country who marries royalty. Meghan Markle could’ve learned a lot from her had she followed the rules of the British monarchy. While there is a vast array of differences between Danish and British royal families, having members marry commoners is something they both have in common.

Meghan could’ve looked to Mary as an inspiration given the few similarities they have between them. Now, we didn’t use Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge as an example because she was born and raised in Britain. She understood the customs and what she was marrying into.

Mary was willing to learn about her new home country and even converted to the Church of Denmark in order to marry her husband. While Meghan also changed religions to marry Harry, she did not intend to stay in her husband’s home nation and wanted to take him, their first-born and their titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex back to her own country; the United States of America.

Crown Princess Mary has never forgotten her Australian roots. Her eldest son, Prince Christian has the name of his his Australian grandfather, John Dalgleish Donaldson as one of his middle names. Also, his parents also had him named after his Danish grandfather, Prince Henrik.

All Meghan appears to do is whine about how restricting being a royal was while Mary did no such thing. She sucked it up and embraced her new life. She is well-respected in Denmark and is seen to be loyal to her mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe II. Markle doesn’t care who she hurts despite saying she adores The Queen.

How The Crown Princess Of Denmark Could’ve Been A Role Model To Meghan

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Princess Mary would’ve shown Meghan that is it okay to ask for help from those who have been through the same things she has. However, Markle would view this as been a show of weakness. Why? Because in her mind, strong, independent women, don’t ask for help. Then she would complain and say she wasn’t offered help when she was.

If Meghan cared about more than her title and money, she would understand that following the rules isn’t for saps. Asking for help isn’t a weakness but one of the biggest strengths you can have in your arsenal. It gives you the ability to help others if they ask you for it.

During her almost 20 years as a royal, Princess Mary has achieved a great many things. She has birthed four beautiful children, one of whom will someday be King of Denmark after his father. Her Royal Highness has become a highly regarded member of the Danish Royal Family. She started the Mary Foundation which focuses on giving people a place to belong. Also, she is shaping up to be an excellent Queen Consort to her husband.

Meghan could’ve achieved greatness too. All she had to do is stop and consider that there is more to be a royal than just tiaras and ballgowns.

In conclusion, Mary could’ve shown Meghan that patience is essential to be a royal.

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