YORK RUMOUR: Is Princess Eugenie The Royal Snitch?


Since Meghan Markle came on the scene in 2016, the British royals have been embroiled in endless scandal and infighting. However, almost six years on, it hasn’t gotten any better. As the war of the Windsors 2.0 continues, an interesting source from Markle News on Instagram has issued the claim that Princess Eugenie has been ousted as a Sussex supporter and royal snitch who is giving intel to the Sussexes. According to the rumour, she has caused an outrage amongst the family. Allegedly, she’s been iced out by most of the working royals and many others, including the more private Phillips siblings, Peter and Zara, who lead regular lives.

Nothing in the family is private when Eugenie is around, allegedly as whatever is said ends up landing squarely on the desks of Harry and Meghan. If this weren’t bad enough, her relationship with her older sister, Beatrice, and brother-in-law, Edo, has also soured.

Allegedly, the story claims that Eugenie doesn’t like that Beatrice got married so soon after getting with Edo and doesn’t appear to have a great relationship with his young son, Wolfie. She hates the idea that her big sister gave birth to her daughter, Sienna, the same year August was born.

If that wasn’t horrible enough for you, the source continued saying that Eugenie’s husband, Jack, isn’t coping after the passing of his father, George Brooksbank, last year. Several of Eugenie’s friends have severed ties with her due to her unwavering support of the Sussexes.

Not to mention, the recent family trip to Switzerland is believed to be an attempt to show there was no drama between the sisters.

How Much Worse Could This Get?

Beatrice allegedly took a swipe at her sister by wearing a necklace with the letters B, E, W, and S to show that her stepson is an essential part of her family. The source also claims that Wolfie is a member of the overall family by Andrew, Fergie, and the Queen.

Another couple of points that were made is that Edo doesn’t like Eugenie. Not to mention, Eugenie loves rubbing the fact that August is the first York grandchild in Beatrice’s face.

If this rumour is true, it would explain why there was a degree of coldness at the Christmas Carols event that Catherine organised last year. Edo and Beatrice were warm towards the Cambridges while Eugenie, allegedly, was not. This is according to the Body Language Guy.

Do We Believe That Eugenie Would Rat Out The Family To The Sussexes?

It’s time we break down the rumour and go over what we believe and what we don’t.

Now, Eugenie is most definitely Team Sussex, and here’s why:

  • Eugenie posted Meghan’s 40×40 Initiative thing on Instagram and wished her a happy birthday.
  • It is alleged that when Harry was in the UK for the Diana Statue unveiling, he stayed with Eugenie.
  • Eugenie shares several connections with Meghan with one of the most well-known friends of the two being Misha Nonoo.
  • While this isn’t related to Eugenie, Fergie has praised Harry and Meghan on numerous occasions.
  • Meghan has said a couple of times that she knew Eugenie before Harry and that she was a friend.
  • Someone mentioned on the Markle News post linked above that Eugenie didn’t wish Catherine a happy birthday when she did with Meghan.

However, some things don’t add up to Eugene being a Sussex supporter:

  • If Eugenie had issues with the Cambridges, then why did she include George and Charlotte in her wedding?
  • Also, if she had a beef with Zara, why did she agree to a double christening?
  • The Queen is close to her grandchildren, so we doubt that she’d ice out Eugenie. 
  • If Eugenie despises the Cambridges, why did she attend Catherine’s carols service? Was it to gather intel for Harry and Meghan?
  • If she didn’t like Catherine because she wasn’t royal, why did she go to William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011? Also, why did she marry Jack when he too isn’t royal?
  • Wasn’t there a story that came out after Eugenie and Jack’s wedding that she was upset that Meghan had revealed her pregnancy?

The Rift Between The York Sisters

Eugenie and Beatrice have always been close. That was how Andrew and Sarah raised them to be. However, there could be some truth in how their father pampered them. As the Royal Daily Tea points out, The Duke of York wanted them to have the same privileges he did as he was growing up as he was second-in-line to the throne after Charles during their childhoods.

So, if this rumour of a York sister rift is true, could it have to do with Edo and Wolfie? As much as we want to say yes, there isn’t enough to support the claim. There has never been anything outside of this new claim to prove it.

While we’re not flies on the wall at their homes, they would know better than to fight over something so trivial.

It is claimed that the Yorks have known Edo for years, even before he and Beatrice got together. So, we doubt them getting engaged and then married would be an issue for Eugenie. Also, it’s not like Eugenie could predict when her sister conceived. If Eugenie was bitter towards Beatrice for having Sienna in the same year as August, she is no different from their father.

Also, it is none of Eugenie’s business if her sister choices to have a baby the same year she does. If there is any truth behind the rumour, she is no better than Meghan’s enviousness of Catherine.

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