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Lady Colin Campbell Reveals Princess Anne Was The ‘Racist’ Royal But Says Her Comments Had Nothing To Do With Meghan’s Colour

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Lady Colin Campbell has made the claim that Princess Anne made the ‘racist’ comments regarding Meghan and Archie but says the conversation was NEVER about Markle’s colour…

Looks like we now know who the ‘racist’ royal is Meghan Markle and Prince Harry alluded to during the Oprah interview. Though, it’s not who we expected. Moreover, it was Princess Anne, which surprised us. Now, this information comes from Lady Colin Campbell, according to the Mirror.

In a video posted to her YouTube channel, Lady C makes it clear that the conversation was never about race. She says that it had to do with how Markle would be able to handle the job of being royal. Princess Anne is believed to have been able to see through the former actress’ act. Allegedly, the Princess Royal apparently was concerned that the now-Duchess of Sussex wouldn’t be able to appreciate the cultural differences between the lifestyle Harry had been leading his whole life to the one she [Meghan] did in America.

There was also concerns that Meghan had no respect for the institution in which she would later marry into. According to Lady C, Princess Anne did not have an issue with Meghan’s race and the former Suits actress had ‘weaponised’ what was said to make it sound worse than it was. During the Oprah interview, Harry said the conversation was one he was never going to share as it was uncomfortable.

What Else Was Said?

The way Lady C spoke, Meghan took Princess Anne’s objection to her relationship with Harry has one regarding her race. It had zero do with that it’s believed too that Prince Charles’ sister could see that Markle was “flagrantly attention-seeking”. Moreover, the Princess Royal thought that the actress had a persona that screamed ‘me, me, me’. This is what turned her right off her nephew’s then-girlfriend.

Meanwhile, it needs to be noted that Lady C says that the racism claims were false.

Finally, it is also speculated that Princess Anne thought relationship Harry and Meghan was a fling. However, she realised that it was going to lead to marriage. In a nutshell, she doesn’t like people who are in your face and want attention all the time.

Do We Believe What Lady C Says?

Yes, we do believe her. Despite what her ex-husband says and those who don’t like her, she was right about how Princess Diana had an eating disorder. Why would she make something as serious as that up? Now, Lady C has written a number of books on the royals over the years, including one about Diana.

Therefore, she wouldn’t be airing this information if it wasn’t necessary and does not come across as someone who makes things up just to be in the spotlight. If anything, she is a force that wants the truth and we don’t care what other people think.

In conclusion, the truth has been coming out since the interview aired. People have started to wake up to who Meghan is; a manipulative, self-serving woman who has no respect for the family she married into. Princess Anne had every right to be concerned and it’s amazing to know she didn’t fall for the Markle sparkle. Good on Lady C for speaking out.

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