Royal RUMOUR: Did Prince William Kick Harry And Meghan Out Of The Royal Foundation Due To Bullying?


Throw them out, Prince William!

Did Prince William throw his brother, Prince Harry, and sister-in-law, Meghan out of the Royal Foundation due to bullying? The Sun is reporting on a rather juicy piece of… gossip? Tidbit? Intel? Whatever the case is, the Sussexes already have allegations been leveled against Meghan for undermining staff at Kensington Palace. Then, there is the probe that is associated with these claims and what allegedly went down in Australia. Also, there are the rumours about the bridesmaid dress fitting surrounding Markle’s treatment of Princess Charlotte and how Jessica and Ivy Mulroney were involved. Basically, the Sussexes are in deep doodoo.

According to The Sun’s report, William had to throw his brother and sister-in-law out of the Royal Foundation due to the huge ‘dossier of distress’ compiled by former Sussex communications chief, Jason Knauf. These claims are being reported by biographer Robert Lacey who is republishing his book, Battle of Brothers with extra material. According to the article, when the news reached the Duke of Cambridge, he went ‘ballistic’.

So William should have. Princess Diana did not raise him and Harry to be bullies. For the youngest of her sons to allow his wife to use that behaviour just shows how weak he is to her. The Princess of Wales would be distraught and sickened at just the idea. Oh, wait. The world is not allowed to talk about Diana. We don’t know her, according to Harry’s tantrum during The Me You Can’t See.

Royal Expert Richard Eden posted a screenshot from The Times to Twitter of a quote from a column of Meghan which reads:

Meghan portrayed herself as a victim, but she was the bully. People felt run over by her. They thought she was a complete narcissist and sociopath – basically unhinged.

Unnamed Kensington Palce source

William Does Not Want Meghan At The Diana Statue Unveiling

Diana; manipulative
[Credit: GQ]

The Express has an article out saying that William does not want Meghan at the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue. This comes as it has been reported that Catherine will not be presenting at the ceremony, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

While it would be nice for Catherine to be there as a show of support, it’s actually good she may not be there. If she were then it would whip the Sussex Squad into a frenzy and they would call her all sorts of horrid things. Also, William has every right to ‘put his foot down’. The last thing that is needed is Meghan making the whole event about herself and how she idolised Diana and how she and Harry named their daughter after her and all sorts of irrelevant things.

William and Catherine named their daughter, Princess Charlotte after Diana too and you don’t see them making a big deal out of it. The late Princess of Wales was the Duke of Cambridge’s mother as well and he has every right to honour her. That would be like if Meghan and Harry were complaining that Earl Spencer shouldn’t have used Diana’s name in Lady Charlotte’s name. Charles Spencer is Diana’s brother and it is his duty to honour his sister’s memory.

Back To William And His Throw Out Of The Sussexes

Returning to the throw out, William has every right to react the way he allegedly did. His ‘hurt and anger’ towards Meghan for taking his brother away from their family is justified. We can just imagine how he felt hearing her trash Catherine to Oprah and then say ‘Oh, but Kate is a good person.’ Really? If she was such a good person then why would you throw her under the bus? Also, what about the alleged email to staff that Markle sent regarding the crying incident moment? If what we’ve heard is true, then she asked people to lie and say that her sister-in-law-to-be made her cry. Again, this is purely a RUMOUR.

William also has every right to defend his wife. Of course, Harry will step in to ‘protect’ Meghan from his ‘big, bad brother.’ We’d say that the Duke of Sussex would accuse William of not being supportive of his marriage but everyone knows this.

Finally, the Duke of Cambridge needs to play it smart. If there’s any hope of reaching Harry then his brother needs to be be strategic and steadfast. Or there is the option of cutting Harry off entirely, but could it go that far?

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