Prince William To Look Into Hate Speech And Racism – But Could It Raise Questions?


Royal dad of three, Prince William will be examining hate speech and racism, but will it raise questions regarding Harry and Meghan?

When you’re future of the British Royal Family, you usually have to pick and choose between projects. Well, Prince William will be heading a movement that looks into racism and hate speech on social media, according to Though, will it raise questions to how Harry and Meghan were allegedly treated?

This is the question being asked with the movement that the Duke of Cambridge will be looking into. Though, many see this move as questionable as this is allegedly what Prince Harry is also looking into given the ‘abuse’ he and his wife, Meghan have faced in the past.

Honestly, William taking on a big issue like this goes to show that he is not the type Meghan and Harry see him as; a snob. As the older brother and future King of England, the Duke of Cambridge was only looking out for his sibling.

Anyway, William understands how important it is for online interaction to be kinder and less toxic. However, Harry is only talking about it while his brother is actually going to do something about it. Also, let’s not forget that the Duke of Sussex is married to the woman who compared social media users to that of drug users. Nonetheless, Meghan use to be active on social media to the point of obsession.

William Will Be A Better Spokesperson For This Movement

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William is going to be as modern of a king as possible. For him to understand how the future of social media will be for his children is a credit to who he is. He wants to as involved as possible in topics that affect the world today. This is in great contrast to the causes his grandmother and father have.

In the future, George, Charlotte, and Louis will lead the next generation of royals on social media. As the saying always goes, you gotta understand something in order to pass down the Intel. After all, Princess Eugenie is on Instagram and not being roasted by trolls.

William has always been about wanting to learn as much as he can about a cause. His mother, Princess Diana was the same. She would’ve researched the AIDs epidemic before she visited people with the retrovirus. This is something other royals wouldn’t have done. She also took it upon herself to hug people with the condition to show it wasn’t contagious. The late princess’ work broke the stigma that existed at the time.

Going back to William, he shouldn’t be criticised for ‘copying’ his brother. He’s actually not when it actual fact, he’s doing more than Harry has been. At least the Duke of Cambridge is talking to media companies while all his sibling has done and talk about it to Fast Company. Actions speak louder than words, H.

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