Photo Of William And Catherine In The Early Days Of Their Relationship Proves Meghan Wrong


They say a photo tells a thousand words. So… that means that what Meghan Markle in the Oprah interview about how her sister-in-law, Catherine wasn’t treated too badly by the UK Press is wrong…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey was nothing more than a victim narrative starring them. The whole two hours was them complaining about how ‘poorly’ they were treated by the royal family. Anyway, according to, a photo from the early days of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge’s romance with now-husband, Prince William shows how horribly she was treated compared to her sister-in-law.

The article shows an old headline from when it was revealed William and Catherine were dating. The photo had been snapped by a paparazzi at a Swiss Ski resort in Klosters. However, this place is not exactly the place to break news. Prince Charles survived an avalanche in 1988 which killed a friend of his. Moreover, Princess Diana was told while at the resort in 1992 that her father, Earl Spencer (not her brother) had died.

Going back to the photo of William and Catherine and it was published by The Sun. This was just the beginning of the media onslaught. Like Camilla received years earlier, the press came up with a whole heap of nasty nicknames for her. One of these included Waity Katy which was the biggest one. She and Pippa were labelled as the Wisteria Sisters. Meanwhile, their mother, Carole was labelled a social climber.

Meghan’s Claims

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Meghan, years later, makes the claim that the press’ treatment of Catherine was not as bad as she was treated. Umm… Yes, it was. Sure, there was no racist undertones with Kate, but the names that were thrown at her were vile. The media made the now-Duchess of Cambridge out to be a social climber when she wasn’t. She was just an ordinary girl who fell in love with a prince while at university.

However, Catherine’s sister-in-law is the one who is the social climber. She dumped her whole family except her mother and makes herself out to be the victim when she’s not. All royal wives prior to marriage are crucified. it’s basically a rite of passage in the UK press for royal wives-to-be. Meghan is making out that she was the only one this has happened to.

We’ve said this before and we’ll see it again. All Meghan wants is for the world to see her as this massive victim and is using the so-called ‘outdated’ policies of the royal family for her own ends. She wants revenge because she was not given everything and she realised that she wouldn’t be living like a Disney Princess. Also, the media which includes this blog has quashed a lot of the lies she and Harry told during the Oprah interview.

How Wrong Was Meghan?

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Meghan’s version of how she was treated makes it sound like it came out of a Lifetime movie like the Harry and Meghan movies which are heavily dramatised to fit with whatever story they’re telling. The Duchess of Sussex also has no idea what she is talking about. If she said she had never Googled her in-laws or her husband, then why is she saying that her situation with the press and Catherine’s were different?

This is her making Catherine out to be not as important as her. This is the same stunt that was pulled in Omid Scobie’s book, Finding Freedom where it was made to look like the Duchess of Cambridge was as vile as if she was one of Cinderella’s stepsister while Meghan was Cinderella. Someone really has been watching one too many Disney Movies and then believing that they’re real.

Catherine had to work to make the UK press and the public to respect her. She didn’t need them to love her as her duty was to support William and The Queen. Meghan, on the other, didn’t want to put in the effort. She was just pissed that her husband would never get anywhere near the throne.

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