Prince Harry Will NOT Follow His Wife’s Political Beliefs

Well, what do you know. Prince Harry is capable of making his own decisions. He will NOT be following Meghan’s path into politics.

NOW Prince Harry is respecting his family’s views. After months of dissing on them for their ‘unfair’ treatment of him and Meghan, he will not be following a political agenda the way his wife has. Instead, the former working royal will remain apolitical on all things to do with the US Presidential election. It also has nothing to do with him, even if he doesn’t like Trump. He’s not a US citizen and therefore does not have to register to vote.

We’ve been really vocal about how we feel about the Sussexes but we actually applaud Harry for not getting mixed up in political ventures that have don’t concern him. According to 9 Honey, the prince is refraining from getting involved.

No matter how much he probably wants to make his voice heard, he knows it is not his place. He was raised to be apolitical. It’s probably the way he will stay, regardless if he decides to take up American citizenship. Voting in not compulsory in the US for those who are citizens which is what Meghan is.

As a royal renegade, there’s a line even he knows not to cross. People are already losing respect for him and if he wants to regain some of it, he’ll continue to follow his family’s policy. He might be mooching off other rich people, at least he knows where his political ambitions sit.

Harry should not allow his wife to talk him into something he does not believe should be on the public stage when they’re royals, working or not. He knows his boundaries while Meghan cannot stop herself getting her voice out there. Yes, she’s outspoken, but she is married to a prince from a very famous family.

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