Harry Might Be Spending More Time In The UK Then First Thought

Could Prince Harry be extending his stay in the UK for the Queen’s Birthday?

The Daily Mail has released a story where they’ve allegedly reporting that Prince Harry could remain in the UK longer. The reason for this has to do with his grandmother, The Queen’s 95th birthday this coming week. The event comes almost a week after the royal family farewelled its patriarch Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Last week, we reported that the Duke of Sussex would return to the US to be with Meghan after his grandfather’s funeral. If this is true, then it might mean we’re going to get some form of reunion for the wayward prince, his brother and father. The same Daily Mail article alleges two hours after Harry’s chat with William and Catherine, he had a two hour meeting with his father.

Now, just because there is a meeting and a chat, doesn’t mean that everything is A-okay. Last month that Harry told Oprah Winfrey that his father and brother were ‘trapped’ in their royal duties. The ‘tell-all’ also spilled mistruths like a member of the royal family questioning the colour of Archie’s skin tone. There was also a great white lie regarding a secret wedding which has since been debunked by religious figures.

The Diana Statue Tribute And Windsor Walk

Harry will return to the UK at a later date to unveil a statue of his and William’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales on which would’ve been her 60th birthday. It is hoped by a lot of people that this event will help the rift between the brothers heal. He will view floral tributes and take a walk around Windsor with his father.

The Diana Statue was always going to be an event Harry wouldn’t miss. He believes that he is his mother’s only child, but William lost a mother that night in Paris. Yes, he was three years old and more mature but he needed Diana as well. For the Duke of Sussex to complain that he is the only one who suffered from her loss is childish.

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