Food For Thought: Is Prince Harry Actually Wanting To Be Princess Diana 2.0. ?


Does Prince Harry want to be a reincarnation of his own mother?

So, here’s a fascinating idea of food for thought. Does the Fresh Prince of Montecito, Prince Harry want to be Princess Diana 2.0. instead of his wife, Meghan? Tumblr user, Sniffles the Mouse seems to think so. In their post, the writer says the Duke of Sussex is most definitely his mother’s son. They theorise that the youngest of the Princess of Wales’ sons wants to be seen as the new version of his late mother.

Now, we honestly, don’t think this is Harry’s endgame. He forgets that his mother isn’t the perfect angel he portrays her to be. Diana had her flaws just as every other person on the planet does. She courted the media just as much as they did her. For the Duke of Sussex, his mum was the perfect example of a victim of the press just as his wife is. While we the public know this is not the truth, there is no convincing the Fresh Prince of anything. As far as he’s concerned, no one was allowed to mourn his mother except him. What about his brother? What about his uncle? So, were they not allowed to grieve either?

Going back to Sniffles the Mouse’s post, they say that Meghan is still a factor, but she is nothing more than a side effect. Now, this is an interesting viewpoint for a couple of reasons. The first is simple. It means that Markle doesn’t have as much sway over her husband as originally thought. Secondly, Harry has always been vindictive and has only pretended to care about people. Thirdly, he hates the public in general. Finally, we have our last talking point; he has faked his admiration for his brother all these years and wanted EVERYTHING William has worked for. Like, who is he? Sir Edgar from Ella Enchanted?

Harry In The Limelight More Then Meghan

Sniffles makes a valid point when they say that it is Harry that wants the spotlight more than Meghan. Let’s look at it logically, shall we? This has nothing to do with the fact that Markle is supposedly pregnant. We’re not here to discuss that. It’s true that she has only had her children’s book announced in recent weeks. It’s the Duke of Montecito that has been in the spotlight.

Harry has been the one talking to the Hollywood elite. He managed to get Lady Gaga and Glenn Close to talk in The Me You Can’t See docuseries on Apple TV. Also, in the town hall discussion that is a ‘sequel’ to the show, he is seen talking to Zak Williams, one the sons of the late actor, Robin Williams. You’d need some pretty every heavy fire power outside of Oprah Winfrey to get them to say yes.

Also, Harry is the one doing all the talking. Meghan’s last appearance was during a video pre-recorded for Vax Live or whatever that concert was where her husband got a fake standing ovation. That was likely the last we’ll see of her until the announcement comes through that she has ‘given birth’.

Not to mention, Harry is the one that is doing the trashing of his family. Meghan threw Catherine and allegedly Princess Anne (if Lady C is correct) under the bus during the Oprah interview. She hasn’t said anything since then.

It should be noted also that Harry is attacking his father the same his mother did in the now disgustingly acquired Panorama interview. However, he is doing it for a totally different reason. He is getting back at Charles for telling him ‘no’ and for ‘favouriting’ William over time. This has nothing to do with his parenting style. After all, he said on camera during an interview with his brother that their pa was always there for them.

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