Prince Harry Is Spoilt And Won’t Stop Attacking His Family


What exactly has the Royal Family done to make Prince Harry hate them?

Prince Harry is spiteful. While this is nothing new, it makes us wonder why. He was so close with his family but what could have triggered his hatred for them outside of what we know is Meghan’s doing?

If we had to guess, Harry’s sudden hatred for his family comes from the idea they knew Meghan wasn’t right for the royal fold. There has been a rumour running around for a while that the now-Duke of Sussex threatened to call his relatives racists if he wasn’t allowed to marry Meghan. We need to stress this is purely speculation. We’re not sure if we believe. We tend to steer clear of rumours like this unless it’s totally necessary.

We know there are several members of the royal family that Meghan failed to charm. One of them, allegedly being Princess Anne. Lady Colin Campbell alleged after the Oprah interview that it was The Princess Royal who made the comment the Sussexes turned into a massive guessing game. However, she stresses that the alleged conversation had nothing, zilch, zero to do with race.

Now, we all know what a badass woman Princess Anne is. She is no-nonsense just like her father, the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. So is Zara Tindall, Princess Anne’s daughter, and Harry’s cousin. It is said that the Duke was made godfather to Zara and her husband Mike’s youngest daughter, Lena, according to Royal Central.

There have been rumours that the Tindalls, or at least, Zara saw the Oprah interview and knew exactly who the Sussexes were talking about during the part that referenced Arche’s skin colour, according to Meaww. Again, this is only a rumour. Zara was reportedly not happy about the comments Meghan and Harry made. Also, they failed to name the person.

Prince Harry vs. His Whole Family And Meghan’s Lack Of Rule Following

Harry has always been impulsive and doesn’t think about his actions. He has gone from being super close to his whole family to calling them, racists and unsuitable parents. The question is why. Why claim something you cannot or will not back up? When did everything go downhill?

We believe that Meghan has corrupted Harry. Yes, we know other people over the years have said the same thing but there’s more going on here. They both want to bring down the monarchy by declaring it a racist institution, unsuitable for the 21st Century. But, why would they choose to do this? Because they weren’t given what they wanted they wanted is usually what people say. However, we’re going to approach this from a slightly different angle.

Let’s pretend that Meghan wasn’t after fame and fortune and wasn’t at all concerned about racism. Would she still be suitable for the royal family? Yes, she would have if she followed the rules. She could’ve learned the ropes by following the women who have been in the family for years. After all, she does refer to herself as a feminist. We all know she is not what she claims to be. However, she chose not to abide by rules that have been in place for years. She believed she could do things her own way and she’d be applauded for it.

She uses subjects she knows nothing about like racism and compassion to get people to feel sorry for her. Also, her crocodile tears didn’t do her any favours during the Oprah interview.

[Credit: The New York Times]

The Sussex Squad falls for it hook, line, and sinker as does the A-list celebrities who jump to her and Harry’s defence.

Sudden Jealousy

Before Meghan ruined Harry, he was more than happy to follow his brother’s lead. He was devoted to his family and loved being an uncle to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. He didn’t really have too much to do with Prince Louis. But, there was a rumour that we covered that Harry allegedly wanted to honour his mother in the name of his youngest nephew.

So, what changed outside of Meghan?

If we really had to guess, Harry was secretly jealous of his brother and the life has built for himself with Catherine. They are beloved within the royal family, have three beautiful kids, and the public thinks the world of them.

So, this made him – meaning Harry – act recklessly when he declared his intentions to marry Meghan. As time has gone on, that rift has gotten bigger and bigger before it’s become a crater. This has made his mental health issues more obvious. It’s gotten to the point where he credits Meghan for things William helped him with like actually getting help for his troubles.

There have been times where Harry has looked very down in the dumps or just plain mad. His emotions are all over the place and it’s not just because his wife has him wrapped around her little finger but because his jealousy is sky-high when it comes to William.

We’re not trying to be cruel to Prince Harry here but he’s become disillusioned with the idea of Meghan being ‘The One’ that he doesn’t see the damage she has caused by dragging him away from his family to the other side of the world to live out her dream without even considering his own wishes.

Final Thoughts

To end this post, we just going to say one thing. Harry is never going to stop hating his family. Sorry, but it had to be said. We hate the idea of this, but until he wakes up from his daze, he’s only going to continue acting like a colossal manchild.

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