Prince Harry Calls The World ‘Depressing’ And Says We’re Only Making It Sicker… FFS, SHUT UP!


What a depressing outlook to life Harry now please, shut up!

We don’t need to be told by a nearly 40-year-old man-child how to live our lives! The Daily Star reports that the Duke of Sussex or Just Harry has is now calling the world ‘depressing’ and he’s blaming everyone on it for making it sicker. Umm… okay, Mister Privileged Prince who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. Whatever you say. What makes his comments so stupid and warped is how he fails to realise that he is a person who walks the Earth too. He does not get off scot-free because he was born wealthy.

Harry and Meghan do not come from a separated planet where they don’t have to put in the work to keep our planet safe. If anything, they should be looking at William’s work with Sir David Attenborough as a prime example. At least they’re trying to do something rather than sitting around talking about how to do it the way the Sussexes do. Also, the Duke of Sussex forgets that he and his wife took private jets which have a huge carbon footprint to visit their rich pals in Italy and Ibiza. Oh… wait, wasn’t Markle supposed to be under house arrest because she was supposedly ‘too saturated’? Can they at least get their stories straight before they begin preaching their crap to us, please?

Also, OF COURSE the world is sicker then it’s ever been! We’ve been fighting a pandemic for almost two years! Harry should be grateful that his family hasn’t gotten the virus at all! How ungrateful is this guy? He has everything handed to him because he has a title and money practically lining his pockets.

If he actually cared about the world, he would stop complaining and attempting to blackmail his family.

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