Hypocrite Prince Criticises His Father, Grandmother, And Late Grandfather For The Way He Was Raised And He Says He No Longer Needs Therapy Which He Claimed He Couldn’t Get Meghan – We Have Serious Thoughts!


Just when the royal family couldn’t take another blast from the Sussexes…

The little respect we had for Prince Harry has officially flown the coop! He has put his father Prince Charles, grandmother The Queen, and late grandfather Prince Philip on blast for the way he was raised, according to He has done it while his family still struggles with the loss of its patriarch. How much lower can he go? What really takes the cake here is how he forgets that for the first twelve years of his life, his mother, Princess Diana raised him. His dad was still there, but she taught him [Harry] and William how the common folk live.

William, being the older brother understands that Charles was raised basically by nannies given the time period in which he was raised. The Queen and Prince Philip were around, but they were often abroad on official duties. Going back to Harry, he claimed on Dax Sheperd’s podcast, ‘The Armchair Expert’ that he moved his family to the US to ‘break the cycle of pain’.

He claims also that the reason Charles was the way he allegedly was towards him was because of The Queen and Prince Philip. So much for claiming you have a close relationship with your grandmother. Basically, he thinks his grandparents were responsible for his mental health issues. Um… no, they’re not! Your therapist couldn’t reach you!

Here’s the thing, Harry, old chum. You were born into extraordinary privilege and you know this. But to blast your family, by throwing them under the bus isn’t who YOU are. It’s your bloody wife! Your precious Meghan! You’re bitter because they refused to bend to you. No separate court which Markle would’ve wanted to be ‘Queen’ of, no doubt. No living in a wing of Windsor Castle or Frogmore Cottage, not Frogmore House. The list just goes on.

Harry’s Contradictions

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Harry claims to Dax that it was MEGHAN that told him to get help. However, this is a massive contradiction on his part and a huge lie. According to an old article by the Guardian, the Duke of Sussex ‘sought’ counselling after the death of his mother. Also, it wasn’t his WIFE who told him to get help for his issues; it was WILLIAM who told him to do so.

How quickly has Harry forgotten what his life was like prior to Meghan? Very fast, apparently.

Also, another thing we need to point out here is that he claims he hated royal life and wanted out in his early twenties. Now, Harry was in the army for a decade from 2005 to 2015. So, how could he participate in that kind of life when he was deployed oversea? Oh, right… he was off partying in Las Vegas, stripping down to nothing, and dressing like a Nazi.

If he didn’t want to do royal duties after his active service ended, then why did he agree to do public engagements? Why didn’t he leave his family if he wanted out so desperately?

Meghan’s Inclusion

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Now, why would Harry bring Meghan up during the podcast as being the one to tell him to get help when he claimed to Oprah that he didn’t know how to help her when she was on the verge of suicide? Simple. She TOLD him to say that. While we have no proof of this, we need to use logic. There are too many inconsistencies. They both contradict themselves and each other like in the ‘tell-all’ when questioned about the ‘controversial’ conversation about Archie’s skin tone.

Harry may claim that he is now free of the ‘Truman Show’/zoo-like confines of the monarchy, but he’s not. He will always walk in the shadows of those above him in the line of succession. His father and brother will both be King as will his eldest nephew. Where does put him, Meghan, and their children? Much further down the pecking order that Markle did not understand.

She thought that once she was a royal, she could prance around and act around like an entitled brat and everyone would have to do her bidding and just be robots that have to do everything she wants. Sorry, this isn’t the middle ages where royalty and nobility treated their staff like they were the scum of the Earth. Also, royal life isn’t some fantasy life. You actually have to work if you’re going to be accepted into the lifestyle.

If You Hate Being A Royal So Much, Why Did You Take Titles On Your Wedding Day And Then Use Them To Profit?

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Okay, we need to question why this blast is happening at all. As we mentioned earlier, Harry told Dax he hated royal life. Fine. Whatever you say, Haz. But, we need to ask why he even took a dukedom if he hated the lifestyle? If he wanted to live a private life with Meghan, he shouldn’t have taken titles given to him by his grandmother. After all, Mark Phillips and Sir Timothy Laurence both declined titles when they married Princess Anne. At separate times, of course.

So, if Harry hates the perks of royal life because of the restrictions that much, why was he introduced at the Vax Live concert as ‘Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex’? He said a while ago, that he wanted to be known as just ‘Harry’. Meghan has made him so woke that he thinks he needs a title to succeed in everything, especially in the art of trashing his family. This blast is one of many problems he appears to have. He can’t seem to understand that complaining in public isn’t going to win him fans. It’s continuing to turn people off him and Markle.

When you look at the first quarter poll for the royal family on the YouGov website, you see that Harry’s popularity rating has dropped to 45% which places him at the sixth place a bit like his spot in the line of succession. Meghan’s, however, is sitting at a measly 34% which puts her in 10th place under Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Meghan’s tactic has to use the Sussex dukedom for profit. Look at how she was styled on the Elephant movie on Disney+. The same applies to her children’s book, The Bench. She has also used her title during conference calls to Forbes and other charity endeavours.

Throwing Granny Under The Bus

[Credit: Town & Country Magazine]

Harry’s claim that he never blindsided his grandmother when he and Meghan wanted to leave the family and do their own thing is just total bullshit. He totally did it to spite her. If he cared about The Queen at all, he would’ve waited to talk to her like instructed. But no, he had to get in there first and get the hell out of dodge.

We’ve already talked about how heartless it was for Harry (and Meghan) to not allow Prince Charles or anyone to see Archie. But to blast the Queen so soon after the death of her husband of 73 years is as low and as heartless as they come.

The Queen has supported Harry through so much and for him to blast her and his grandfather the way he has, makes us think there is no way back for him into the royal fold now. If anything, Her Majesty should just stop taking the Sussexes’ phone calls and strip them of the dukedom. That way, they can truly see how the other half live.

No Longer Needs Therapy? More Like He NEEDS More Of It


Finally, we get to the end of this harrowing tale. Harry claims he no longer needs therapy, according to Newsweek. Ah… we think he needs MORE of it. He is not sound of mind and he hasn’t been for a long time it appears. Can you imagine what goes down when he and Meghan are not out in public? Oh, wait. We covered some of that in our post on what allegedly happened in Australia.

If Meghan files for divorce then he’s going to need all the help he can get to realise that for five years, he was robbed of his life where he was actually happy. Also, we need to question what he said to Oprah. Why did he claim to not know how to get his wife help, when he had had help himself?

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