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Prince Harry And Meghan Suing Paparazzi For Taking Photos Of Archie

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Yes, we know. We’re not Harry/Meghan fans and we don’t agree with most things they do. However, we do admire them for looking out for the privacy of their one-year-old son, Archie who has become a paparazzi target. The couple is now suing to ensure he is protected.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle know how to make their voices heard. They’ve appeared in the media so much since they dropped out of being senior royals. It is like they never really left. We don’t agree with most things they sprout, but we do admire their resilience in wanting to protecting their son Archie from the telephoto lens of the press. The couple are now suing the paparazzi who were taking photos of their son without their permission.

The couple’s biggest mistake is moving to Los Angeles which is a hotspot for paparazzi. If they thought the UK was bad, this is even worse. Suing the individuals who thought they cut a hole in a security fence, insert their telephoto lens and take photos of a child in hoping for a massive cash grab is a smart, though overused tactic.

Mind you, the Sussexes are not the only parents to have done this. A group of celebrity parents including Halle Berry helped get an Anti-Paparazzi bill through the senate to prevent children of famous people from being harassed by the press. However, this law only applies to California.

Typical Paparazzi And A Good Point

Paparazzi are relentless when they go after a celebrity. However, they shouldn’t be targeting their children. It is alleged helicopters and drones have been spotted flying over where the family of three have been holed up during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the pending lawsuit, Harry and Meghan have said that they know they will be photographed in public. But, when they’re inside their home, they want the privacy that every other person is entitled to. True on all accounts.

Despite all the controversy, they are just a regular family going about their day-to-day lives. It should not matter that they’re famous.

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