Prince Harry Allegedly Makes Demand For Meghan To Be Involved In Princess Diana Statue Unveiling Otherwise He Won’t Show Up


Harry is throwing meaningless demands around like a spoilt kid…

Oh, go sit down, H! No one wants to hear your demands. RadarOnline is reporting that Harry wants his wife, Meghan to be involved in the unveiling of the statue of his mother on July 1. Now, we don’t know about anyone else, but he no right to make much orders.

The statue unveiling has nothing to do with Meghan. Nor does it have anything to do with Catherine. Sure, she would support William, but she understands this is his project. If he wants her there, she probably would be. But, when it comes to the former actress, she has no right to be there. Neither does her idiot husband.

Diana’s statue unveiling was four years in the making. In 2017, William and Harry announced that they would commemorate their mother in the form of a permanent memorial. This is to be set up at Kensington Palace’s Sunken Gardens, a place she felt at peace, according to Cosmopolitan.

Harry’s horrible behaviour of how he has thrown his whole family under the bus is unacceptable. Not to mention, he has done it when everyone is still mourning the death of his grandfather, Prince Philip. He sure knows how to kick them when they’re still down. If that’s not enough, his constant need to ‘speak up’ against those who raised him has made him unfavorable to much of the world. Anyone who is not backing him and Meghan just wants them to keep quiet! Is that so much to ask?

He has become woke and people are being turned off by him because of his ‘newfound’ views. If we were William, we’d tell him not to show up at all. Especially after everything he has put their family through. If anything, we’d never talk to him again or until he straightens himself out.

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