Prince Harry And Meghan Get SLAMMED By Prince Albert II Of Monaco

Prince Albert

Look out Harry and Meghan because not all royals in Europe applaud your move to be interviewed by Oprah as Prince Albert II of Monaco has slammed you!

Prince Albert II of Monaco has a past where he fathered two illegitimate children. This is long before the birth of his twins. However, he knows how to properly handle family drama. He has slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their ‘tell-all’ interview with Oprah Winfrey, according to Vanity Fair.

The head of state of Monaco has spoken in a rare interview about his mission to protect global marine ecosystems. He explains how he feels about the tell-all done by the Queen of England’s second youngest grandson and his wife. Prince Albert said the following:

It’s very difficult to be in someone’s place. I can understand the pressure that they were under, but I think this type of public display of dissatisfaction, to say the least, these types of conversations should be held within the intimate quarters of the family. It doesn’t really have to be laid out in the public sphere like that. It did bother me a little bit. I can understand where they’re coming from in a certain way, but I think it wasn’t the appropriate forum to be able to have these kinds of discussions.

Prince Albert II of Monaco

Prince Albert is the second European royal to speak out. Karl von Habsburg, an Archduke from Austria who happens to be very distantly related to the Windsor royals.

The Archduke said that given how low Prince Harry is in the British line of succession it is ‘inappropriate’ for him to air grievances.

When Prince Albert was asked as to whether he had advice for the Sussexes, he said:

It’s a difficult world out there,” he said, “but I hope he can have the wisdom and judgement to make the right choices.

Prince Albert II of Monaco.

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