Want A Pocket-Sized Cinema Experience? Look No Further Than The Prima Projector

Prima Projector

Want a unique cinema experience from your smart phone? Look no further than the Prima Projector.

When you’re travelling, it’s always ideal to have your phone with you in order to enjoy your favourite films and television shows. However, the last thing you need is to lag around a massive projector in order to have the cinema experience. That’s where the Prima Projector comes in.

The Prima Projector is pocket-sized and is about the same size as an iPhone or Android phone. It uses Bluetooth so you can use it with any tablet or laptop with just a few clicks.

Imagine watching the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max from the comfort of your couch using just your favourite device and the Prima Projector.

The Prima Projector can project up to 200 inches onto your wall or ceiling from six metres away. It also displays a crystal clear image that is 400% brighter. The device is powered by an Android processor which allows the user to access the Google Play store to download content that can steam directly through the projector.

One of the best things about the Prima Projector is that you don’t need a projection screen or additional connections. Just turn on your device’s bluetooth and connect. It’s as simple of that.

The device also has built-in speakers which are better than those on your average television. If you’re taking the projector away with you, just use the bluetooth settings to connect to your headphones.

If you’re wondering about the battery life, have no fear (and no, we’re not quoting Carter from (A Cinderella Story) it lasts 50% longer than that of other portable projector devices. It can run 3 full hours of video or 30 hours of audio in one charge. The 30 hours for audio playback works when you use it on the speaker function.

In conclusion, the Prima Projector does not have to be used for just film and television. It can used for presentations and video games too.

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