The Press Is Finally Calling Meghan What She Is; A Narcissist

The press is finally doing what is right in regards to Meghan…

After having spent years tiptoeing around Meghan Markle and saying pleasing things about her, the press has finally decided to stand up to her and no. It has nothing to do with her race as we keep pointing out. They’ve decided to call her out for being the relentless narcissist and bully that she is. She can scream that her former staff are liars all she wants as it has been proven through documents that she and Harry have lied on numerous occasions. Look at the constant debunking from the Oprah interview.

In the months since the ‘tell-all’ which was a total shit show meant for sympathy since Harry and Meghan exhausted their resources for good PR, the media has begun to stop defending them. After all, they’re afraid to get sued for saying ‘bad things’ about them. When the Duke of Sussex dropped that statement about the ‘media intrusion’ when he and his now-wife were dating, the press backed off. Now, he and Meg are threatening legal action regarding the BBC, according to The Sun regarding the story about not asking the Queen’s permission to name their daughter, Lilibet.

There have been loads of outlets that have come out to condemn the Sussexes, especially Meghan, for the behaviour that they have both displayed over recent months. Sky News Australia doesn’t hold back in their opinions. We won’t link any videos here because there’s just too many to count but we will provide the link to the YouTube channel. Just click above.

Even The Tabloids Are Getting Annoyed

The media is fed up of having to report on cutesy stories about the Sussexes to avoid being sued. Even the tabloids are getting on the action. Now, normally we wouldn’t cite the tabloids, but we will in this instance. A bodyguard has allegedly said, according to New Idea, that Harry and Meghan have a toxic marriage. The article says that the prince is ‘parroting’ how his wife talks.

This comes off after all the interviews that have been done by the pair, especially Harry. In fact, it has been implied that the bombshells are just a shield from how incredibly unhappy he actually is. He can say how much happier he is now that he’s in the US, but everyone knows the truth.

Sure, the tabloids sprout shit all the time, but we’re actually agreeing with them. Harry called himself the Palace’s ‘yes man’. However, if the New Idea article is any indication he is being swarmed by his wife’s ‘yes men’. Essentially known as her PR groupies. This might be the reason why he called America’s first amendment ‘bonkers’.

What’s more is that Princess Diana’s former protection officer, Ken Wharfe believes that Harry never wanted to leave his family. He goes on to say that the prince had to choose between his flesh and blood or his wife.

Meghan’s Raging Ego

[Credit: Fortune]

A while ago we did a piece on how the editor of Forbes called Meghan out, saying that she is not the only powerful woman involved with the Fortune 500 Summit. In it, we spoke about how a body language expert said that Meghan’s ego was raging when this went down and she didn’t like the comment that was made to her. We saw the actual footage and we agree. The tightening of her throat really gives her emotions away. Just check out the image of Meghan above. Oooh! She looks pissed.

Here’s the thing, and we’re going to end this post on this. Meghan doesn’t like being in any other place but first. She believed she would be as beloved her sister-in-law, the dutiful Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Sorry, but the wife of the spare has to know her place. While there are two duchesses married to Princes William and Harry, only one of them will end up sitting on the throne with the heir.

Had Meghan ended up on the throne with Harry, she would have virtually no power. Only the actual monarch does. Though, we all know who wears the pants within the Sussex marriage.

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