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Could Meghan Markle Make A Bid To Be The First Female President Of The United States?

President Meghan

Clap three times if you cringe at the idea of President Meghan Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex has been reportedly eyeing off the Oval Office to no one’s shock and awe. Glen Owen of the Daily Mail has bought this up to highlight how ambitious the former actress is and how naive she has become to the idea that not everyone likes her. If we’re honest, we don’t like the sound of “President Meghan”. Note, this is just hearsay. The whole idea makes us cringe like mad.

If President Meghan becomes a reality, she will have to suck it up when it comes to criticism. See, the Sussexes don’t take to being told they’re wrong very well. They also cannot stand people telling them what they can and cannot do. Since Markle can’t become Queen Consort – ugh, sorry Princess Consort – she’s going after the next best thing; the US Presidency.

That begs the question of how it would work if President Meghan happens. First off, it can’t unless Markle relinquishes her Duchess of Sussex title.

After all, she can’t be Rachel Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, President of the United States. She is already commercialising her foreign title.

Now, we all know “President Meghan” is not going to give up her title and request she keep it. The Queen will say “no” and will have to strip her and Prince Harry of the Sussex Dukedom before she can even run.

Gotta Be Open To Criticism

Going back to the criticism part of politics, We’ve all read that the Sussexes cannot stomach being told they’re wrong. This is why Meghan will not survive in politics if she does end up making a run for president. Let’s not forget that her and Harry’s popularity in the US has dropped just as it has in the UK.

In Meghan’s little world, she believes the whole world loves her. Sounds like a certain businessman. If she were to run for office, she wouldn’t make it past the first round of speeches. She hasn’t got the following she believes she does. After all, only 17 million people in the US tuned in to the Oprah interview which is about five percent of the country.

How Would Harry Feel About Becoming First Gentleman?

Okay, let’s say that Meghan does end up becoming President Meghan. How is Harry going to feel about becoming the first-ever First Gentleman? Well, it would be the debut of a British royal serving as a First Spouse. We seriously doubt her platform is going to be as big as she believes. Look at the disaster that is Donald Trump. He almost ran America into the ground. In other words, as far as he was concerned, it was another business for him to make bankrupt.

We don’t think Harry is going to be able to cope as the First Gentleman if Meghan becomes president. He couldn’t handle his own royal duties. Moreover, the truth is, few people are going to support the Markle campaign. Also, who could be her Vice President? Leave the politics to actual politicians.

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