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Could Meghan Markle Make A Bid To Be The First Female President Of The United States?

President Meghan

Could the Duchess of Sussex want to become President Meghan Markle?

We’ve known for a while that the Duchess of Sussex has been reportedly eyeing off the Oval Office for a while and the Daily Mail has bough this up again. If we’re honesty, we really don’t like the sound of ‘President Meghan’. Note, this is just heresy for the time being. The whole idea makes us cringe like mad. Let’s dive into our thoughts on this and believe us, it’s not going to be pretty what we have to say.

So, if President Meghan does almost become a reality, she is going to have to suck it up when it comes to criticism. See, the Sussexes don’t take being told they’re wrong very well. They also cannot stand people telling them what they can and cannot do. Since Markle can’t become Queen Consort – urgh, sorry Princess Consort – so, she’s going after the next best thing; the US Presidency.

That begs the question of how it would work if President Meghan happens. First off, it can’t happen unless Markle relinquishes her Duchess of Sussex title. After all, she can’t be Rachel Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, President of the United States. She has a foreign moniker that she wants to commericalise.

Now, we all know ‘President Meghan’ is not give up her title and request she keep it. The Queen will say no she can’t and will have to strip her and Prince Harry of the Sussex Dukedom before she can even run.

Gotta Be Open To Criticisms

Going back to the criticism part of politics. We’ve all seen – or read – that the Sussexes cannot stand criticism being thrown at their feet. To be a politician you need to be able to cop things being said about you. Meghan will not be able to stomach it because everything – in her mind – is right and what everyone else is saying is wrong.

In Meghan’s own little world, she believes the whole world loves her. Sounds like a certain businessman – *coughs* Trump! *coughs* – if you ask us. Here’s the thing. She will not make it past the first round of speeches. The reason we know this is a given is the US ratings for the Oprah interview that aired last week. 17million people tuned into the whine fest to see what she and Harry would say to discredit and vilify the royal family after everything they have done for them.

17million people isn’t a lot of people when it comes to America. 328.2 million individuals currently live in the US. That’s an estimate of about 5% – please forgive us if our math is off. Though, it doesn’t compete with Oprah’s interview with Michael Jackson in 1993 which was far more successful.

How’s Harry Going To Feel About His Wife Becoming President Meghan?

Okay, let’s say that that Meghan does end up becoming President Meghan. How is Harry going to feel about becoming the first ever First Gentleman? Well, it would be the debut of British royal serving as a First Spouse. We seriously doubt her platform is going to be as big as she believes it’s going to be. Look at the disaster that is Donald Trump. He almost ran America into the ground. In other words, as far as he was concerned, it was another business for him to bankrupt.

I don’t think Harry is going to be able to cope as the First Gentleman if Meghan does become president. He couldn’t handle his own royal duties and got out to apparently protect his family… from what exactly? Truth of the matter is, very few people are going to support the Markle campaign if it happens. Also, who could be her Vice President? Just leave the politics to actual politicians. Kamala Harris will make a fine President if she chooses to pursue it.

Kamala can make a speech memorable. Meghan just writes word salads that confuse people.

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