Wait… Did A Couple Of People Predict The Coronavirus Would Happen?


As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the world, the whole planet has gone on lockdown in an attempt to slow and hopefully, stop the spread. However, there might have been some predictions that the pandemic was going to happen…

The world is in a phrase of uncertainty right now with COVID-19 running amok. However, a psychic and a science-fiction author seemed to have predicted the spread of the Coronavirus but at totally different times.

According the media outlet Mamamia, sci-fi author Dean Koontz wrote in his 1981 novel The Eyes of Darkness, that there is a man-made virus called the Wuhan-400. While this is just a work of fiction, it should be noted that Wuhan is the place where the virus became public knowledge.

In the same article, late psychic Sylvia Browne made a prediction that in 2020 a virus would overrun the world. However, it also stressed that she’d made some incorrect predictions. In 2004, she predicted that teenage kidnap victim Amanda Berry had died. She escaped her captor in 2013 but Ms Berry’s mother had died 2 years before her daughter’s escape.

Another incorrect prediction was in the case of kidnapped boy Shawn Hornbeck. She predicted he’d been taken by man with dark skin and dreadlock hair. It was also said the kid had died. This ended up being a false prediction as Hornbeck was later found alive in 2007 while his kidnapper was Causcasian.

Browne also claimed on Larry King Live in 2003 that she would die aged 88. This ended up being false as she died at 77. We’re not sure if we believe in psychics but the contagion is pretty close to what she described. However, we doubt the virus will disappear anytime soon.

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