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Babes Against Bullshit: Stop Preaching Your Crap To The World, Harry And Meghan!


Remind me again why we’re here? Oh, right. To talk about the preachy and self-righteous behaviour of one Prince Harry of Wales and his bumbling, stumbling wife, Meghan Markle. Now, this is me being nice. Not sugary sweet but not aggressive either. This couple will never stop craving the spotlight when they also claim to want privacy. They’re immature and are willing to show up the British Royal family to show ‘they’ are the superior ones. pleas they don’t even hold a candle to actual royals – sorry for the cliché.

Harry has claimed that he didn’t know what unconscious bias was when he appears to have ‘forgotten’ his own racist past during his time in the army. I’m not going to repeat what he said. My mother didn’t raise me to be a bigot. He is not the Prince the British people remember. Before Meghan quote-unquote fell into his life, he was relatable and fun. He adored his family and his nephew and niece loved having him visit. Mind you, this is before Louis was born.

Now, thanks to Meghan, he has become a self-righteous, preachy crybaby who has to be the hero when his precious Meggy is being ‘threatened’ when she has said, time and time again that she is a ‘strong and powerful’ woman. He does realise that since they met of their obviously planned ‘blind date’ that she has been playing him a piano, right? It was her intention to entrap him, get him to fall so desperately under her spell so she could control him.

For this trying to recall what this is called, it is coercive control where one partner controls the other’s every move. There’s no denying that Meghan is the dominant one in the marriage. Obviously, she thinks she’s perfect and golden.

The World Doesn’t Care For Two Preachy Brats

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Meghan has turned Harry into a preachy brat who thinks that people will just follow their lead without question. Ha! Only the Sussex Squad would do as they want. The rest of the world have brains and not rocks in their head. These two have appeared in more Zoom calls since their step down from the royal family then I reckon anyone cares to admit. I haven’t watched any of them and honestly, I don’t give a fuck.

Why would I watch a bunch of videos from a couple who say they hate the spotlight but keep seeking it out? That’s what I don’t understand. These two had everything they could’ve wanted and yet, they complain when things don’t go their way? Give me a break.

The world has got bigger issues to content with than these two preachy brats who think they’re god’s gift to the universe. I’ve said it before I will say it again, they preach things they know nothing about first off and they don’t follow through.

Firstly, they say ‘be kind’ or ‘do a nice thing everyday’. We don’t see them doing any of that. In the biography written by groupie Omid Scobie, Catherine is written as the uncaring sister-in-law who didn’t do a thing to welcome Meghan into the family.

Secondly, Harry is preaching over things that he tends to forget he and Meghan have contributed about. Remember when started talking about ‘not walking away’? Well, they did and their lives have only gone from bad to worse. Though, they think they’re living their best life in LA… oh, no. Wait a moment. That’s not ‘H’ talkin’. That’s ‘M’ territory.

Harry’s Preachy Behaviour Reflects On Meghan

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We’re in the middle of pandemic which Harry has boldly claimed is Mother Nature’s way of telling us to be kinder to the environment. What would his father be thinking about his comments right now? Sure, this was spoken about months ago, but Prince Charles has had COVID-19. He would’ve been livid to here those types of comments fall from his youngest son’s mouth.

There’s doubting that it is Meghan who is pulling the strings here. She wanted a rich boyfriend, not that she didn’t already with all the other men she dated, so she could marry him and use him for his money. Before all you Sussex stand jump on Twitter and go, “Oh, you’re just jealous of Megs”, trust me. I’m not. I don’t give a fuck about her. To me, she comes across as someone who only wanted Harry’s status and take him away from his family.

Meghan ultimately got her wish and Harry’s behaviour reflects that. Before they even got together, he had zero desire to produce Netflix films or podcasts. Now, these two big media giants, one of which produces The Crown, are paying them millions of dollars a year for content produced by them about shit like ‘kindness to others’ and ‘reduce carbon emissions’.

Harry has never been a perfect human being. No person in the WORLD is perfect. Meghan, who is a perfectionist, according to an article in the International Business Times from early 2020. She treats everyone she views who is beneath her as trash and her hubby just lets it happen. I’ve written before how people have lost respect for the spare heir.

Meghan has broken harry down to her liking. Alone. Friendless. Family-less. Has anyone ever wondered why NONE of their friends have come out to defend them against anything?

The Preaching Needs To Stop And Meghan And Harry Need To Be Controlled

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If the IB Times article is correct, Meghan and Harry needs to be put in their place and leashed. They needs to see that they are not the ones in charge of the monarchy and cannot do whatever the hell they want. The people at Netflix and Spotify only took Markle and Prince Harry on as clients because they have titles and probably plenty of scandal worthy material to share.

Here’s the thing. People who follow the Sussexes are no better than they are. They have zero originality and just want to copy someone else and pass off some portion of a speech as their own. After all, Meghan has plagiarised almost every speech she has written since the dawn of time.

Harry doesn’t acknowledge this because he doesn’t want to be screamed at by his wife for not believing in her.

If anything, there should be something done where the Queen ends officials to America and orders her grandson and his wife to come home. Should they refuse, they should be taken back to the UK kicking and screaming and Archie should be placed in Prince Charles’ care. He hasn’t seen his grandson in over a year and William and Catherine haven’t seen their nephew in that amount of time either.

Grab Them By The Ear

[Credit: Town & Country Magazine]

Archie probably doesn’t even know who these people are. Sure, they’re family but to him, they couldn’t even be classed as acquaintances. The only grandparent he would really know is Doria. How that even fair? Meghan wants her mother to be in her son’s life but not Charles? She doesn’t care about the royal family. She only wanted the title, the money that comes from her father-in-law and whatever children came from the union.

While Megxit might’ve been out of Her Majesty’s hands, she should’ve pulled her grandson by the ear into her office and said, “You and Meghan cannot do what you want. You need to pull her into line otherwise I will.”

Oh the look on Harry’s face if this happened. He would be royally fuming on the inside. He would keep himself poised for the sake of his grandmother but I think she knows him better than he realises she does.

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