Sussex Drama: Harry And Meghan Should Practice What They Preach And Stop Reading About Themselves


Another day. Yet more media coverage on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. *Sigh* With the new biography Finding Freedom now out, we go over a load of details that have been released. Practice what you preach, Harry and Meghan.

Finding Freedom is now out and boy, do we have a lot to say. We haven’t read the book, but we have read details from the biography that is described as ‘ghost written’. Sure, our post’s title is essentially, practice what you preach, but Prince Harry and Meghan are really beginning to bug us with their self-centred views. We’ll go over some of those in a moment, but we need to mention that we are NOT criticising the Sussexes. We are only observing the facts.

Harry and Meghan might claim they had no say in what went into Finding Freedom. But, there are passages that makes you think there is more to it. We’ll cover that too.

‘Snobbish’ William And ‘Cold’ Catherine

[Credit: Vanity Fair]

Finding Freedom claims that Prince Harry’s brother, William and sister-in-law, Catherine were ‘snobbish’ and ‘cold’ towards the whole situation. The younger of Diana’s boys though his sibling a snob because he told him to take it slow with Meghan and refers to her as ‘that girl’.

Now, for a lot of people, they would just say it’s a standard expression for someone you don’t know. However, Harry took offence to it. We’ve spoken about it before. Meanwhile, Catherine got called out for being ‘cold’ and nothing being BBFs with Meghan.

Ahh… William was looking out for his brother’s best interests as he has always done. Catherine, on the other hand, is a mother-of-three children with A LOT going on. Her duties as a future Queen Consort and being a parent are more important than showing a newbie the ropes. Sure, if any of this is true, she could’ve done more to welcome her new sister-in-law into the family fold.

When you look at where Catherine would be during all the drama going down between her husband and brother-in-law, it would be eating her alive. For the longest time, it was the three of them against the world. Then, Meghan shows up and the dynamic drastically changes. How is that the Duchess of Cambridge’s fault?

Also, William worried that his brother wanted to be with Meghan for lustful reasons and didn’t want the whole thing to go belly up. The last thing he wanted was to have his brother broken hearted.

The narrative of the book is meant to make Prince Harry and Meghan out to be the good guys in this scenario while their world ‘crumbles’ around them. Everyone else is seen as ‘not on their side.

Some Of The Palace Aides Felt Something Was Off About Meghan

quiet; sussex
[Credit: Time Magazine]

It’s never been a secret that there were some aides and courtiers didn’t like Meghan. There have been cruel nicknames like ‘DuchASS’, ‘MeGain’ and ‘Duchess Difficult’. However, there was one person who is believed to have said that something didn’t sit right about the newest royal.

Another cruel nickname came out of the whole situation where Meghan was called ‘Harry’s showgirl’ give her career as an actress.

Now, we need to consider why people would think Meghan wasn’t a good fit for the royal family. Like we’ve said before, they need to practice what they preach. If the rumours are true and she did spill tea on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s staffer or where she screamed at one of Catherine’s staff, then the Duchess of Sussex should take a long hard look at herself. She is not married to the heir to the throne. That gives her zero right to boss people around or throw a tantrum just because she is not getting her way.

Catherine is married to William. She works harder than Meghan ever has in the 18 months she was a royal. The staff adore Kate because she treats them like human beings. Whoever said something was off with the former actress wasn’t kidding.

Harry’s Pal Tom Inskip Banned From Post-Wedding Party

[Credit: Toowoomba Chronicle]

William wasn’t the only one who suffered Harry’s wealth when it came to Meghan. The prince’s best friend from Eton, Tom “Skippy” Inskip told him to move in with his new girlfriend before they got serious.

This, of course, didn’t sit well with the enamoured prince who then got his ‘revenge’ by inviting Tom and his wife Lara to the wedding, but didn’t give them an invite to the post-wedding party. Instead, a more A-list couple, rumoured to be George and Amal Clooney, took their place on the guest list.

Tom seems like a reasonable guy, doesn’t he? Like William, he wanted to ensure that Meghan was the right girl for Harry. However, he didn’t appear to be worried that the prince was only with the actress for ‘lust’ the way the heir to the throne was.

Meghan Decides To Vote In 2020 Presidential Election

Me-Gain, blast, quiet, preach
[Credit: Sky News]

As an American citizen, Meghan has the option to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Since she and Harry are now in California there is no doubts she’s going to make her voice heard. Nine Honey has published an article saying that this is exactly what she is going to do. While we have no issues with this, it’s the reason why she is choosing to do it.

The article’s headline partially reads:

[Credit: Fortune]

“I know what it’s like to be voiceless”.

— Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

This was also backed up in an article by the UK’s The Sun newspaper.

Umm… Meghan, you do hear yourself? You are taking a not-so-subtle dig at your royal in-laws; especially your husband’s grandmother! Remember her? The little old lady in her 90s who happens to be THE QUEEN?! Good god! You’re saying that you weren’t allowed to speak your mind. Didn’t you know going into your relationship with BRITISH prince that “The Firm” is apolitical? Do you even know what that means?

For those who don’t, the dictionary meaning is as follows:

Not interested or involved in politics.

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to be interested in politics. But when you marry into a royal family, you need to give up things, like being able to voice your opinion on certain topics. The Firm has given leeway for certain subjects over the years like mental illness.

“I Gave Up My Whole Life For This Family.”

respect; threat; naive; preach
[Credit: Slate]

Speaking of giving up things, Meghan is believed to have gone on a preach rant to a friend where she allegedly claimed she had given up her life for the royal family. Ahh… no. You didn’t. Not fully at least. You chose to marry a prince and therefore became a member of a very famous family like you wanted. You also quit being an actress because you can’t continue doing it as a duchess.

If you had truly given up your life, you would have cut ties with everyone in your former life, including your beloved mother. Again, this is the Meghan Show and Harry is forced go along for the ride. Also, you knew straight away you wouldn’t fit into the mould of the royal family. You tried to shape it into something that if your own narrative.

Stop trying to preach that they were horrible to you. Firstly, it’s embarrassing to the family your husband was born into. Secondly, you didn’t even try to adjust. You were too jealous of how Catherine and William got all the ‘good’ engagements and how your opinions were listened to. The world does NOT revolve around Meghan Markle!

Meghan did not survive 18 months as a working royal. You should have run for the hills when you still could.

Harry Likes… Reading About Himself?

[Credit: Entertainment Tonight]

Okay, so we’ve been over the whole preach what you say stuff. Let’s move onto one of the topics in the title of this post; Harry and Meghan like reading about themselves. So, the reason why there are so many lawsuits with the Sussex couple’s names on them is because they try to correct stories by the press that they deem ‘not true.’

Sure, it’s tempting to read something about yourself, but trying to correct is only going to create headaches. Meghan was never in the American press too much because she was not an A-lister when she was an actress, though she thought she was a big shot that stayed relevantly under the radar.

The royal family doesn’t normally speak out about untrue stories, but Meghan, wanting to be the centre of attention wanted to make the biggest fuss and sue everyone who printed ‘fake’ about her. She.Was.WARNED! The UK press destroyed her mental health which prompted her to drag Harry and Archie to America or it’s one of the reasons.

Harry has had thousands of articles written about him over the years. Why complain now? It’s also been speculated that William reads about himself too, but he doesn’t go suing the publications. He just shrugs it off knowing it’s not true.

Harry’s TRUE Proposal

[Credit: Los Angeles Times]

So, apparently, Finding Freedom reveals that the chicken dinner proposal was just a… cover story? Whether this is mentioned in the book is not known unless you’ve read it, but apparently, Harry and Meghan were engaged much earlier than they said they were.

If an article by Elite Daily is any indication, Harry did propose at home, but it happened after their trip to Botswana and not Thanksgiving like they said. Meghan also dropped a hint of their engagement by wearing a HUSBAND shirt from her friend Misha Nonoo’s fashion collection and no one picked up on the clue while they made their first official appearance at the Invictus Games in Toronto.

The proposal supposedly happen while Meghan was preparing dinner. Only a handful of people knew including her parents and a handful of friends. Finding Freedom reportedly mentions that she sent a photo of her engagement ring in a text message to a select few of her pals who were told to keep the information to themselves for the time being.

Elite Daily also mentions that Harry apparently didn’t ask for Thomas Markle’s permission to marry his daughter as it was not in par of Meghan’s beliefs.

Meghan Gave Her Own Speech At Wedding Reception

[Credit: Sky News]

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than the bride giving her own wedding speech. Well, if Meghan wanted to be a non-traditional royal newlywed, she certainly found the perfect way do it. Normally, the groom and/or best man do the honours. Not the Sussexes. Does this show that the former actress was narcissistic in her goals?

Depends on your view. She wanted to stand out and that is what she did. There was no way in hell she was going to allow her spotlight dim just because she had left Hollywood. While we are not at liberty to judge, we have mixed feelings about Meghan’s speech.

It’s cool that she broke tradition and did her own thing, however, we question her motives. Did she do the speech to keep herself relevant or did she do it because she wanted to honour her new husband?

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