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The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy Can Pray All She Wants, But We Just Know The Baby Is Liam’s


Steffy can pray all she wants, but she knows deep down she wants her unborn child to be Liam’s…

Pray, Steffy. Pray. That’s all you can do until you do a paternity test to determine who the father of your unborn baby is. Though, we all know that deep down she wants Liam to be the daddy. As we’ve said before. She wants Finn to be her Plan B seeing as her ex-husband is with her stepsister, Hope.

Just because she prays that her boyfriend is the father of her baby, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Steffy has never gotten over Liam and it shows. She could’ve stopped him from drinking and but no. She wanted to get him into bed so she joined him in dulling his senses and look at what happened.

The reason she keeps getting herself into the same mess is because she believes she is entitled to everything. She basically threw the world’s largest tantrum when the doctor said she had to wait until her eighth week of pregnancy before she could get a paternity test done.

Thank god the doctor was understanding how desperate she was. She tells her that stressing about it will only harm the baby. Seeing Steffy throw that tantrum kinda felt good because it makes her realise how much hurt she has caused by going after a very married man, regardless of the fact he is the father of her first child.

Hope’s Call Out

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Hope has called Steffy out before on her prayer that Finn is the father of her child. She knows her stepsister too well. If little Ms co-CEO wants something she’ll go for it, consequences be damned. She has done it before and it’s not going to stop her. Heck, this behaviour is going to rub off on Kelly and she and Beth will no doubt embark on the same toxic path their mothers and grandmothers did.

The cycle is just going to continue. None of this has ever been Hope’s fault. Steffy has gone after all of her boyfriends and flashed her sexuality in their faces like she’s some diamond in the rough. Steffy’s longtime fans are never going to see Hope any way way then a slut like her mother. It’s disgusting.

Steffy is not a saint which is something else we’ve covered.

Steffy Can’t Let Go Of Liam

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When Liam thought he saw his wife kissing Thomas, he told Steffy he never stopped loving her and then the sex happened. Again, we’re not surprised. There has been a lot of talk recently about the portrait on the wall of the cliff house.

Finn has said he finds it disrespectful that the portrait is there, despite Steffy saying it was there for Kelly. Hope has said the same thing and she hates that her stepsister still has it up despite Liam no longer being her husband and he married to someone else.

Steffy cannot get go of the fact that she is Liam’s second choice. Always has been, always will be. She can pray that the baby she now carries is Finn’s but she wants that family with her ex-husband because she still loves him. If she was over him, the portrait would’ve been moved to Kelly’s room or taken down entirely. She never respected Hope. She even tried to keep Beth from her when it was revealed that the infant was stolen at birth to pay off Reese Buckingham’s gambling debt.

What kind of person tries to keep a mother from her child? Steffy was so desperate to give Kelly a sister that all she wanted was to keep the child despite knowing that she couldn’t. That is just petty and wrong. She also enjoyed all the time Liam spent with her and the girls. This is a sign that she hasn’t changed and just beats on Hope because she thinks she’s better than her.

Liam Better Pray Steffy’s Baby Isn’t His…

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Moving over to Liam, he better pray that Steffy’s baby isn’t his because there’s going to be a lot of upset fans if he is the father. This is the second paternity scandal he has been involved in with his ex-wife. The whole reason they divorced was because she slept with his dad.

How can he love someone who isn’t entirely faithful to him only? Oh, yeah… he did the dirty on Hope because he didn’t check all of his facts before he ran to Steffy for comfort. He can defend himself all his wants but Finn and Hope have every right not to believe him.

What makes Liam a hypocrite is that he walked out on Steffy when he discovered her affair with Bill. However, he is begging Hope for a second chance when he slept with his eldest daughter’s mother. It’s a two way street with him and it always has been. Now we understand why Thomas hates him and warned Finn.

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