Body Language Expert Says Duchess Meghan Doesn’t Like People Telling Her She’s Not the Only Powerful Woman

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Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex does not like being told she is not the only powerful woman. At least, this is what a body language expert has revealed…

Sorry, Meghan but you are not as powerful as you thought you were. At least, not in the eyes of a body language expert. Now, before we begin, we need to stress we don’t know if any of this is true as the source is The Daily Mail which is questionable.

According to Bruce Durham, the wife of Prince Harry is not as authentic as she wants people to believe. He examined her interview with Fortune’s Ellen McGirt and says the Duchess’s body language changed the second the senior editor says the following:

You’re not the only powerful woman involved in this equation.

Ouch! This goes to show that Meghan views herself as self-important and will do virtually anything to ensure she stands out from the crowd. In saying this, she has once again hit out at the media for allegedly ‘misinterpreting’ everything she says.

Okay. We’re not fans of the overall media given the tabloid trash, but they’re not ‘misinterpreting’ anything when it comes to Meghan. Also, why is she speaking out against them when she claims not to care? Oh, right. She’s trying to remain relevant. She is no longer a working a royal. What she doesn’t see is how people look up to her and are just absorbing everything she is saying without realising what any of it means.

Our Take On This Story

Now, do we believe that Meghan was pissed when she was called out for not being the only powerful woman to be participate in the Fortune virtual summit? Absolutely! She tried (and failed) to make the event about her. The idea of someone pointing it out would be humiliating!

Meghan is the very definition of a social climber. While we hate her half-sister and father, they were right to an extent. How they went about outing her at very opportunity is wrong. For them, it is all about money and the Duchess learned that from them.

If the Duchess thinks she is so powerful, then why doesn’t she just drop her title? She can no longer use HRH (Her Royal Highness), but she still has it. If she were using it, it would violate the agreement she and Harry made with the Queen.

However, Megsy thinks that she is more powerful because she has a title. No one listened to her when she was just plain and simple Meghan Markle. She believed that once she had a title, people would perk up and go ‘Oh! She’s an important person! We should listen.’ Sorry, it does NOT work that way.

Ms Meghan thinks she is a pioneer and her stans think the same. She is not. There is nothing special about her and it shows. There is nothing wrong with her being biracial, American, and once divorced, but her opinions should remain within arms reach.

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