Stargirl: Is There A Power Struggle Going On Between Icicle And Brainwave?

power struggle

With the season finale of Stargirl about to arrive, we have to go over the potential power struggle going on.

Jordan Mahkent and Dr Henry King Snr have been stand out villains all season and they have not been afraid to show their true colours. However, we’ve started to get the impression that there’s a power struggle going on between these two evil heavy weights. Question is, could they stab each other in the back during the two-part finale?

We’re about to find out and we have a feeling that it’s not going to be pretty.

Henry Lets Jordan Be The Leader Of The ISA

As hostilities between Henry and Jordan begin to widen, could it be possible that Brainwave just lets Icicle be the leader because he’s ‘busy’?

Yes, most definitely. Henry has proven he’s a capable killer. He murdered his wife and his son just because they wouldn’t stand at his side.

Jordan only kills if he deems his target worthy of it. An excellent example of this is when he murdered Joey Zarick to get The Wizard to comply. He also viewed William as weak as he wanted to “take his family and run”.

It’s been speculated since William and Joey were killed, the ISA sent Solomon Grundy to finish the job by taking out Denise Zarick. However, given we haven’t seen her body and there’s no character reaction, her status is still unknown. There’s a saying in TV land that if there’s no corpse, then there’s a chance of life.

Who could have sent Grundy after Denise? Pat says that the oversized zombie is being controlled by the ISA so if we had to guess, it was Jordan who issued the order as Henry was in a coma by this time.

Could The Power Struggle Result In Someone Stabbing The Other In The Back?

There is a real chance one of these two villains could stab the other in the back, figuratively and literally. Jordan wants his plan to succeed and with Dr Ito on board, the only part they still need is Henry. Since Brainwave killed his own son, he got ‘stronger’ because he apparently absorbed Junior’s powers.

If the power struggle between Brainwave and Icicle were to go pear shaped, who would stab who in the back? If we had to guess, it might be Henry who tries to take control. Our reasoning for this is how he attempted to read Jordan’s mind and got snapped at.

Henry also caught on to Jordan’s hesitation of brainwashing Barbara, but he didn’t catch on to how Icicle feels about her. If he were to take another peak in his head, he might uncover this and use it to his advantage. Perhaps he already has and is just waiting to use the information.

What if it goes in the opposite direction and Jordan stabs Henry in the back? He could simply do what he did to William Zarick. Though, Brainwave would see him coming a mile away given how powerful he is now. After all, Dragon King’s machine will be able to corrupt half of America rather than the originally predicted six states.

Will Anyone Die?

At the moment, it’s hard to tell if someone else will die, but we have a sick feeling someone will. As Brec Bassinger (Courtney/Stargirl) said in an interview earlier in the season, ‘no one is safe’. Since there’s no confirmation that Neil Jackson (Jordan/Icicle) and Christopher James Baker (Henry/Brainwave) are returning for Season 2, it might mean something happens to one or both of them.

We will just have to wait and see where this power struggle takes us and the characters as the Season finale comes to a head.

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