Stargirl: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part One Sets Up Potential Futures Of Some Of The Legacy ISA Members

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We’re one episode away from the Stargirl Season 1 finale. We’ve been dreading the fates of some of our favourite characters for some time, but saw where their potential futures might end up. This is extremely true for the Injustice Society legacies. Many of their fates are still up in the air, but ‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One’ has started to give us a bit of a sneak peek for what’s to come.

[CAUTION: This Post Contains Spoilers For Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part One]

There is so much potential setup for the upcoming second season of Stargirl. We’ve just seen the first part of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E and we got a lot of stuff we didn’t expect to see until the finale. We only got to see two ISA legacies in today’s episode while the others were only referenced by name. Without further ado, let’s get into the post.

Isaac Bowin = Bullying Victim

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We learn that Isaac is a constant target for bullies who torment him because he is a musical prodigy. He got pushed around and it damaged his new jacket. His mother then tells him a story about how his father got pushed around too because of his talents. She even goes so far as to mention he shoved his violin bow into the ear of one of the ruffians. His eyes then settle on his tuba.

However, this is only the beginning of what we assume will be Isaac’s progression into The Fiddler. His mother goes to the Whitmore-Dugan house to see if Sportsmaster and Tigress have done their job in killing the family. However, they haven’t and she calls them out for being bad parents to their daughter whom she implies they don’t love.

Paula then shoots Anaya with a crossbow bolt, killing her. The last shot we see is the violin case that once belonged to her husband. Whatever happens next episode or at the beginning of next season, will likely see Isaac dealing with the loss of his mother and become his parents’ potential successor as the third Fiddler.

Cindy Burman = Locked Up

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Cindy is still locked up in her father’s lab and got a lashing from Henry Snr when he paid her a visit. She even got blamed by Brainwave for him having to kill his son. Ouch! That must sting big time. So, what could happen with Burman next?

If we had to guess, Cindy will be the next leader of the ISA. However, all the adults need to be either dead, in jail, or MIA for that to happen. She has the leadership experience as she was captain of the cheerleading team at BVHS.

Cameron Mahkent = In The Dark

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‘Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part One’ doesn’t feature Cameron but his father and grandparents mention him in conversation.

His grandparents question whether their grandson should know who his family is. Jordan tells them he doesn’t want his son to know anything about who they are. One of them says the situation is basically his birth right. Something told us almost straight away that Icicle was hesitant for his child to be let in on the family secret.

We’ve gotten to know Cameron in bits and pieces over the season, he’s never been mentioned in a conversation like this. Now, what does this tell us about his involvement going forward? Not much, if we’re honest. Though, it does tell us one thing. He might remain on a neutral path if he doesn’t know what’s going on. However, that’s going to be difficult to pull off when all the adults are mind-controlled.

They could take him down the road where the tension with Courtney becomes too much to bear and he is forced to choose his feelings for her and what his family wants. Also, he has powers that he doesn’t know he has.

Artemis Crock = The Wild Animal

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Artemis also gets a passing reference in a conversation between her parents and Principal Bowin. Her potential role as a future ISA member is mentioned when The Fiddler mentions how similar the teenager is to her mother.

Anaya calls Artemis ‘a wild animal’ and dreads how the girl will grow up. This doesn’t sit well with Paula or Larry who accuses Anaya of implying they don’t love their daughter. In the end, this ends up being massive mistake on Bowin’s part as Tigress kills her.

Artemis is exactly what as Anaya said she is ‘a wild animal’. She takes pleasure in hitting people like her mother does. And her dad if you think about how he uses that baseball ball. If she does take up Paula’s mantle, she might be one of the most lethal ISA legacies out there, should she choose that fate.

Our Thoughts

So, could we see what comes next for the other ISA legacies the way we did with Isaac and Cindy? There is real potential that it might go either way. We might not even see set up for Cameron and/or Artemis until early next season. Given how they’ve already been set up, there is room for at least one of them to be given the ISA Next Generation treatment. Who it might be, we won’t know until it happens.

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