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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Sam And Bucky Both Endure Their Own Struggles Post-Blip


Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are back and they’ve got their own issues post-blip…

Last week saw the return of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes to the MCU. It is six months after the events of Avengers Endgame which saw Steve Rogers give Falcon his shield, post-blip. In the premiere of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, our heroes struggle.

Sam is struggling to help his sister, Sarah keep their family business alive. He was one of the billions of people who were blipped away. He chooses to give up the shield to the government, thinking they would honour his friend. Meanwhile, Bucky is having trouble making amends with his past. His friend Yori is the father of a man he killed when he was brainwashed as the Winter Soldier. He openly mocks his therapist’s attempts to reach him.

The first episode has the titular pair have no interaction. This is only going to add to the tension when they do reunite. Bucky’s therapist mentions that he’s been ignoring Sam’s calls when she checks his phone.

Having both Sam and Bucky struggle post-blip is an interesting concept. Their best friend is no longer there to issue them advice. Also, things are going to take a turn now that there’s a new Captain America that is being flaunted to the world. Without a doubt, this is going to cause issues between the pair who are very different guys.

Now, we know Sam and Bucky will reunite but it’s not exactly clear as to whether it will be in episode 2. We suspect it will be the next thing addressed. Then, there’s everything we’ve yet to see with Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter’s great-niece. Perhaps she is the reason the boys are forced to team up. Maybe she makes them see the errors of their ways makes them question what Steve would want them to do.

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