Naya Rivera Still Has Not Been Located

It is currently a waiting game as authorities in California continue to look for Glee actress Naya Rivera who is now a possible drowning victim.

Actress Naya Rivera is now a possible drowning victim after the search for her on Lake Piru in California has become a recovery operation. We reported the other day that the Glee star is currently missing.

The situation started during the middle of the week when Naya took her four-year-old son, Josey out on Lake Piru, which has been the subject of drownings over the years. The mother-son duo went out for a swim. Only the child returned to the boat.

What Happened After Naya Went Out On The Water?

After the three-hour-rental on the boat ran out, staff went out looking and found the vessel adrift with Josey asleep onboard and wearing a lifejacket. The authorities became alerted and a search started for the missing mother. It is assumed Naya was not wearing a floatation device as an adult size vest was found on the boat.

In our linked post, we mentioned that Rivera’s purse was found in her car. According to authorities, it would found on the boat, not in her vehicle.

According to CNN, the vessel was found in the part of the lake the locals call The Narrows. The article also had a quote from Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputy Miguel Gonzalez. He said that if there is a possible drowning a body normally surfaces after three days. Gonzalez mentioned that it would all depending on what the victim had eaten and was wearing at the time of the incident.

Rivera is a possible drowning victim as her body has not yet been found. Dives can be difficult on the lake as there is little visibility in the water.

Fans, friends, family, and co-stars are praying for her return. This includes her Glee co-star and onscreen love interest Heather Morris who played Brittney. She tweeted:

[Credit: Twitter – @HeatherMorrisTV]

Moreover, we’re sending our love and prayers to everyone who is working to locate Naya. Furthermore, we’re also thinking of everyone who knows her. This is an incredibly difficult time for all involved.

We shall keep you all up-to-date once we know more. We’re praying for Naya’s return.

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