Oh, How Harry Must Be Hating William’s Popularity Spike Right Now


Prince William’s popularity is soaring right now and it must be upsetting for brother Harry…

Ouch! As Prince Harry’s likely not in a good mood at the moment. His brother William’s popularity has spiked while his own has only dropped due to his recent slamming of his family, according to the Daily Star. It must be really upsetting for him to know that his and Meghan’s plan to become A-list celebrities in Hollywood hasn’t worked in their favor.

See, both brothers were raised in the same manner after their mother’s death; by their father. Sure, William might’ve gotten more attention because he’ll one day be king, but they were loved in the same way. Also, Harry and his brother both spoke highly of their father and other members of their family. So, what went horribly wrong? If we had to guess, it would be the women they both married who influenced them.

William’s popularity spike comes from not just his own actions, but that of his wife, Catherine’s too. She has been his of source of strength for a very long time. They’re perfectly matched and they make each other very happy. Then, there’s Harry who seems to be in self-destruct mode.

The Duke of Sussex’s popularity has taken a massive beating since the Oprah interview where his wife, Meghan was the star of the show. He was simply the supporting act while she trashed his family on national television. Their goals to come across as sympathetic and to speak their ‘woke’ truth. However, they lied through their teeth and people (obviously) noticed.

We’ve spoken about Meghan being the most hated commoner before. If reports are to be believed, she and Harry thought that they should be the ones to get the better engagements because of their popularity. However, as the late Prince Philip would say, “It’s not a popularity contest.” Or something like that.

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