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Pop Some Popcorn Because It’s Movie Night On Dancing With The Stars – Week 5

Last week saw Cassandra Thorburn and partner Marco eliminated from the competition. What was exciting about this week’s competition is that it’s movie night. Pull out that popcorn and those trivia cards because it’s time for our celebrities to dance to songs from some of the world’s most recognisable movies.

The way this week works is the eight remaining stars dance to a song like normal but they all are split into two groups of four. The score for the group dances are added to the individual scores.

Show night started out with a group dance to a song from La La Land. The judges loved it with Sharna saying she was surprised one group featured one celebrity while Craig said it was a smart move to feature Courtney more than another.

The group score for group one was 23.

1. Olympia and Jarryd

Olympia’s dance this week is the Jive based around the film Pulp Fiction. I have to admit, it’s really good! She really embraced her inner Uma Thurman. However, the reaction from the judges were mixed despite them saying it they loved it and that technique was missing.

Olympia’s score is: 19

2. Constance and Gustavo

Constance is doing the Paso Doble to This is Me from the Greatest Showman. The dance started off a little slow but sped up as time went on. Tristan congulated Con on getting a dance that is not only hard, it’s harder than they have two dances for the first time. Craig said there was no shaping and no emotion. Really, Craig?

Constance’s score is: 16

3. Curtly and Siobhan

Curtly is performing the Tango to Mamma Mia by ABBA who happen to be his favourite band. Because Curtly is so tall, it looked a bit off. The judges had a mixed bag of feedback because of his frame.

Curtly’s score is: 11

4.  Samuel and Jorja

Sam’s dance is Rumba to Shallow from A Star is Born. OMFG! It was amazing! It so powerful however, Craig was not as impressed. He said Sam’s footwork wasn’t great and needed more technique. Tristan said pedestrian isn’t a bad thing but it’s not a good thing. Sharna understood the performance but wasn’t impressed it wasn’t for the audience. However, she did say she understood why the dance was so personal.

Samuel’s score is: 17

5. Jett and Lily

Jett’s dance is Jive to Happy from Despicable Me 2. Talk about bounce action. Jett looks like he’s had a lot of fun. Don’t forget the balloons. Tristan was happy with it, but pointed out there were a few timing issues. Sharna agreed with Tristan and loved the flicks and kicks. Craig was actually nice with his comments.

Jett’s score is: 21

6. Michelle and Aric

Michelle’s dance is Viennese Waltz to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri from Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. For a tomboy, Michelle did amazing and Sharna agreed with me! Craig was nice to Michelle for a change which was a surprise. Tristan declared the dance was Michelle’s best.

Michelle’s score is: 24

7. Jimmy and Alex

Jimmy’s dance this week is the Viennese Waltz to a song from Fifty Shades of Grey. OG! Jimmy’s dance is amazing! Very Christian Grey! Craig said there wasn’t enough elegance. Tristan was a little critical of his frame while Sharna loved it.

Jimmy’s score is: 21

8. Courtney and Joshua

Courtney and Josh dance to Fred and Ginger with the Quickstep. Talk about fun! She was amazing to watch. Tristan thought it was great, Sharna loved it and branded it the dance of the night. Craig also liked it.

Courtney’s score is: 26

The second group performed to Bohemian Rhapsody. Talk about fun! Freddie Mercury would be proud. The judges gave positive feedback, though they did struggle with finding the correct lines.

Group 2’s score is: 18

Who Got Eliminated?

This week’s bottom three were Curtly and Siobhan, Olympia and Jarryd and Samuel and Jorja while the eliminated couple were Olympia and Jarryd. Talk about a shock!

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