They’re meant to be running a country, but the life of anyone in politics is a curse. They lie, cheat and don’t do what they’re meant to. So, we’re going to get real for a change. We’re going to talk about politics the way the news won’t.

The world’s political game is all about the money and not about the people. We’re not going to hold back with the topics we’re about to talk about. We’ll recognise the good pollies and rat out the bad ones and the ones who are in it for the cash.

While most politicians are in it for the money and empty promises, there are those who want to do the right thing and help people. Those are the ones we’ll talk about. However, we’re going to come down hard and take take sides.


Melania Trump Is Apparently Not A Great Person To Work For

Everyone is entitled to their opinions on the Trump family. While there has been plenty of conversation about the POTUS, very few talk about the FLOTUS, Melania, that is, until now.


Donald Trump Is The Loser! US President Drags Servicemen And Women Who Sacrificed Their Lives For Their Country

Donald Trump is an idiot! Yeah, we’ve said that countless times but the man has called American servicemen and women ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’ for sacrificing their lives for their nation.


Tony Abbott Wants People To Die From COVID-19 And He Apparently Hates Women

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is back in the headline for being a total douchebag! He wants people to keep dying from COVID-19 and he… hates women?


And Trump’s At It Again! Australian Journalist Calls President Out On His Bullshit!

Most journalists would just let Donald Trump walk all over them. Not Australian political journo, Jonathan Swan who has called the president out on all his BS.

voted out

Trump Won’t Go Quietly If He Is Voted Out Of Office In November

America will be in for a world of hurt if Donald Trump is voted out of office in November.

dirty laundry

Mary L Trump Begins Airing Family’s Dirty Laundry

US President Donald Trump had better watch his back because his niece, Mary isn’t holding back with her new book.

Mary Trump

Donald Trump’s Niece Hates Her Uncle Like The Rest Of Us

How the mighty Trump family has fallen! The POTUS’s own niece has come out swinging!

approval rating

Trump’s Approval Rating Drops Big Time!

They don’t come as dangerous as Donald Trump, President of the United States of America. His current approval rating is suffering big time and it’s about time his supporters wake up to how he has run the country into the ground!


#BlackLivesMatter: Why The Aftermath Of George Floyd’s Death Shows What Type Of President Donald Trump Is And America Is Going Backwards

We hate writing about Donald Trump, but given the death of George Floyd and how the POTUS is telling the American people to fight back with even more violence, we had to talk about it. America is in turmoil. It…


Coronavirus: US President Donald Trump Is A Colossal Idiot – He’s Been Telling Americans To Take An Anti-Malaria That Is Unproven To Combat COVID-19

The world is struggling to combat the COVID-19 pandemic as it is and Donald Trump is making things worse! He’s coming out saying that anti-malaria drugs will cure the coronavirus. This is an unproven fact and goes to show that he has zero regard for the people he is meant to be protecting.

Donald Trump; Floyd

Donald Trump: Bad Spray Tan – An Opinion Piece? We’re Not Sure!

There is no such thing as a perfect world. Especially when Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States of America.


#TrumpImpeachment: US Prez D.Trump Gets Impeached… But Isn’t Going Anywhere

It’s official folks! This is for those who follow Donald Trump’s lackluster time as president of the United States. He’s been impeached, though it’s unlikely he’s going anywhere…

Jacinda Ardern

Why We L-O-V-E Jacinda Ardern!

She’s the Prime Minister that’s making every country jealous. Jacinda Ardern is a leader who doesn’t dabble in corruption or belittlement. She does what’s right for her country. New Zealand is lucky to have her.

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