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Babes Against Bullshit: Australian Politics Needs To Stop Protecting Predatory Politicians


[CAUTION: This Babes Against Bullshit post contains discussions of sexual assault and rape]

Politicians are not gods. There, I said it. Now, I cannot understand for the life of me why these people think they’re untouchable. They’re just human beings who garner allies when they promise someone else a ‘pledge’ they won’t follow through on. What makes the whole political system in Australia is when rape victims are seen as ‘not being team players’ and the crime is shoved under the rugs of high-rankings officials like it never happened.

While there is rape culture in basically every industry on Earth, politics is one where accusations are thrown out because the perpetrator is often well-respected. Take the situation that is doing on with the allegations from Brittany Higgins as a prime example.

She reported her rape to her boss but very little was done about it. Why? Well, the guy who raped her was very close to her boss who happens to be female. Also, the woman who was Brittany’s go-to with how she should proceed was a member of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s staff.

Now, how the hell could the Prime Minister not have known about the allegations until last week? That is something which simply blows my mind. All happened under the watchful eye of the parliament he leads. Now, I have no love for any of Australian politicians. But this just next level. In just the last week since Brittany’s interview with Lisa Wilkinson on The Project went live, three more women have come forward with their own sexual assault stories at the hands of the same staffer, according to Pedestrian. Below is the interview in full:

[Credit: The Project – YouTube]

Politicians Shouldn’t Be Protected

As I’ve said before, politicians are not gods and shouldn’t be treated as such. They believe because they have influence, they won’t get caught. In their eyes, their victim won’t speak out against them.

Now, I believe cancel culture shouldn’t be a thing but I do think that people should be held accountability if there’s enough evidence to support what they’re saying.

If someone says that they’re a changed person after being busted for something like say, racist tweets sent out a decade ago such as with what happened with filmmaker James Gunn and he had the backing on the Guardians of the Galaxy cast.

He has proven himself to be a different person now to when he sent those horrible tweets all those years ago. People are capable of change but there are individuals that see themselves as being superior to everyone else because they ‘know people’.

Politicians are just normal people with huge pay checks. What gives them the right to be treated better than the rest of us?

Scott Morrison Shouldn’t Be Using His Daughters As An Excuse To Suddenly Take Notice Of A Crime

[Credit: The Canberra Times]

I find it very hard to believe that Scott Morrison didn’t know about the allegations until last week. The woman Brittany was in constant communication with was from his staff. Also, why the hell is he using his daughters as a way of understanding what this young woman went through? This was a point that was made in an article by Mamamia around the time Ms Higgins’ allegations came to light.

Soooo…. does this mean if he didn’t have daughters he wouldn’t have spoke out about it or had sympathy? Would he have cared if it were another female relative? Couldn’t he have approached the situation like a regular sympathetic human being? Apparently not. He responded like a million politicians before him would have

The Mamamia article pointed out also that this is not the first time that Morrison has essentially used the ‘as a father’ card. He did it last year when it came to light that women at Doha Airport in Qatar were forced to have their genitals looked at when a baby was found abandoned in a garbage bin.

Brittany is someone’s daughter. So were all the women who were examined without their consent in Qatar. To have empathy for someone else’s misfortunate is to be compassionate. It has zero to do with being a parent or guardian.

It’s surprising Morrison’s wife didn’t call him out on it. He can’t keeping using his daughters to soften the blow of something that was going on in the same building in which he works with the victims of these crimes.

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