Meghan Markle’s Playbook


Does Meghan Markle have a playbook in her grand scheme to alienate those around her? From getting on the wrong side of the public to bullying staff while claiming she cares, we’ve witnessed it all.

Just a quick note, this is only a simple breakdown. Also, some of the events may be out of order. Finally, this post contains conversations on mental health and suicide to read at your own discretion.

So, grab your bowls of popcorn because here’s Meghan Markle’s Playbook!

Chapter One: Catching Your Prince

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For Meghan, her playbook starts with catching the prince better known as Prince Harry of Wales, the son of HRH The Prince of Wales, whom she wrote about on The Tig. To start her web of capturing the youngest of Princess Diana’s sons, she needed to do the following:

  • Research  – As we mentioned, Meghan knew who the royals were, long before she met Harry. She wrote about William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011 and addressed her now-sister-in-law as “Princess Kate”. Furthermore, she also described Turquoise Mountain, an organisation established by Prince Charles in 2006. She then did work with World Vision and took photos with the kids to make it appear she was a humanitarian, knowing that the royals did a lot for charities. When she finally scored a date with Harry, she discovered one of his mother’s favourite perfumes was and used it to her advantage.
  • Hint That You’re Dating A Prince – In Instagram posts and interviews, Meghan wore an assortment of bracelets that were similar to what Harry was wearing at the time. One example (courtesy of YouTube Channel Dificil) is when she spoke about having to “crawl through the back of her car to get into the front seat” during an interview she did at Create Cultivate in 2016. Here’s a screenshot from the video:
  • Take An Etiquette Class And Then Forget About It – There was an article by Julyssa Diaz of Glamour in 2019 which said Meghan took an etiquette class. She learned how to sip tea while in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen, amongst other things. Then, she told Oprah that she wasn’t taught how to curtsey, how to cross her legs, etc. Told BS!

Chapter Two: Claim The Paparazzi Is After You And That The Media Is Racist

[Credit: The New Yorker]

Meghan was well aware that Harry hates the media. She added this to her playbook by claiming the media was harassing and stalking her. Ultimately, she chose the sorest subject possible to pull at her boyfriend’s heartstrings.

These photos don’t look like she is being harassed. Come to think of it there weren’t many photos of Meghan released. Photos were taken, but the media didn’t purchase them. They respected Harry wanting privacy. What’s more, the two photos above were shot from a distance.

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[Credit: Daily Mail]

The two photos above were from the Daily Mail and were taken on Meghan’s orders. They were taken as Meghan went into a London Restaurant in 2015, according to James Beal and The Sun for The information came from Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s book, Finding Freedom.

Now, there were a handful of publications that said racist things, but not all of them stooped to that level of disrespect. Moreover, this is a story that Meghan wove to get Harry to issue a statement via the royal website. Before the press release came out, no one knew they were together, let alone who she was.

Chapter Three: Pretend To Like Your Custom Designed Engagement Ring

[Credit: Good Housekeeping]

Meghan hated her custom-designed engagement ring. We addressed this in a post from earlier in the week about how she loves emeralds. You can also see the look on her face as she looks down at it in the photo above. Harry wanted to give her a piece that contained jewels from his mother’s collection. After all, he gave William the ring so he could give it to Catherine. He wanted to see it on the hand of a future Queen.

Could Harry have regretted giving up the sapphire engagement ring? If he’d asked another woman to marry him, they’d be more appreciative of what they were given. However, Meghan wanted something more flashy than what she got. We don’t know if the stories about the ring are true. But, we do know she disliked it because the first chance she got, she changed it to suit her style.

engagement rings
[Credit: The Celebrity Castle]

If it looks familiar, you’d be right, as it seems to resemble the rings her first husband, Trevor gave her.

engagement rings; playbook
[Credit: The Sun]

Chapter Four: Treat Staff Like Garbage Before Saying They Bullied You

Meghan lasted a total of eighteen months and completed just over seventy engagements as a royal. During that time, almost a dozen members of the Sussexes staff left in quick succession. At the time, no one could work out why. However, a few days before the interview with Oprah, bullying allegations were dropped.

The news of Meghan’s allegedly bullying started when a story came out regarding the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex screaming at a member of Catherine’s staff. This resulted in the Duchess of Cambridge pulling Markle aside, telling her to respect the staff.

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[Credit: Daily Mail]

Note that most of the staff who quit were women. That’s right. The gender that Meghan has allegedly been empowering for years was victimised by their boss. Without these ladies, the duchess wouldn’t have been able to have the Community Cookbook released or have succeeded at anything. Then, she has the nerve to say she was the victim of bullying? What would these ladies, one of whom is African-British, have to gain from bullying her? Yes, she was a newbie, but these women are professionals.

Markle, however, would have plenty to add to her playbook by claiming she was bullied. She would be able to cry to Harry, knowing full well he could jump in to defend her. The staff would also fall for the trap. By reporting the allegations to higher-ups, it would be reported to the Cambridges.

Meghan would’ve known that William would have to talk to Harry about why the staff were leaving droves as they were sharing an office at the time. Knowing the information would be passed to William, Markle knew it would result in an argument between the once close brothers.

Chapter Five – Steal The Limelight From Your So-Called Friend

Rumours have been swirling for a while that Meghan has tried to steal the limelight from Harry’s cousin, Princess Eugenie, numerous times. Now, whether this is true, we have zero clue. However, we thought we’d touch on it here. So, we all know the speculation over tiara-gate where Markle wanted to wear the tiara Eugenie would wear on her wedding day. When she was declined, she threw a tantrum, which resulted in Harry allegedly saying, “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets”. Then there were rumours the Queen had to get involved to smooth it over. The stories vary from who she spoke to. What’s more, is the Harkles got married in the same church Eugenie and Jack did.

Anyway, a few months after the wedding, it’s Eugenie’s turn to get married. Meghan arrived at the church with her coat unbuttoned after the first two buttons. Ultimately, this pulled the media attention away from Eugenie and Jack and onto Meghan. It was here that the Duchess of Sussex that she and Harry were expecting Archie.

duped; playbook
[Credit: Daily Express]

Allegedly, the announcement didn’t go over too well with Sarah Ferguson, Eugenie’s mother or with the bride herself. Now, we don’t know how much of this is true as Eugenie and Sarah have both supported the Sussexes since the wedding happened.

Meghan tells Oprah that she knew Eugenie before she met Harry. Just a side note here. Meghan shares a mutual friend with Eugenie in Misha Nonoo. Then, Meghan refers to Eugenie as her friend while talking to Ellen.

It has long been believed that Eugenie doesn’t like conflict. However, why would you be friends with someone who trashes your grandmother and the hard work she has done over the years?

Chapter Six – Pulling The Mental Health Card

ITV; self-sabotage
[Credit: The Sun]

Meghan attempted to pull the wool over people’s eyes by throwing out that no one asked if she was okay after she’d given birth to Archie. Furthermore, this was during the tour of South Africa, where Meghan and Harry both said that things were not easy at home. To us, this is them playing the mental health and victim cards.

We’ll go over the victim card a little later. With the mental health card, Meghan used it during the Oprah interview too where she claimed she was suicidal when she was pregnant with Archie. Now, you should never disbelieve someone who says this, but with Meghan, it doesn’t add up. A person who is suicidal doesn’t talk about killing themselves, they just do it. Also, Princess Diana struggled with her mental health while she was several months pregnant with Prince William where she threw herself down the stairs. Therefore, it would be something else to get Harry to comply with what she wanted.

We’ve been mulling over this since the Oprah interview and we’ve concluded that she does have a mental illness, but it’s not what she claims. Sorry, to anyone who might be offended by that, but we’re not going to apologise for something we don’t believe.

Chapter Seven – Victim Card Overload And Debunking The Lies About Her Sister

As we promised earlier, we wanted to touch on the part of Meghan’s playbook where she plays the victim. We’ve covered the bullying and that leads us to the “attacks” on her by those around her better known as her family. Now, when the former actress walked onto the scene, we did genuinely believe her family was gutter trash. However, their assumptions about her turned out to be correct.

Meghan now plays the victim by saying she was upset that her dad took photos of himself getting ready for the wedding and spoke to the press. However, this was all part of her plan to get people she deemed “bottom feeders” out of her life. This is why she claimed that Samantha, her half-sister, had changed her last name back to Markle when she started dating Harry. We know this is a lie because Samantha has proof that she was “Samantha Markle” back in 2008, eight full years before Meghan met Harry.

Let’s not forget that what Meghan claimed about not seeing Sam for twenty years was also a lie.

[Credit: The Mirror]

The photo above isn’t the best quality, but it was taken in 2008 when Samantha graduated college. If you do the maths, 2008 is NOT twenty years ago. On the certificate, it says “Samantha M. Markle”, proving what Meghan said is a lie. To take this further, almost everything Sam has said, she’s had proof to back up what she is saying. Furthermore, their dad has backed up his eldest daughter’s claims.

Chapter Eight – The Race Card Is Put Into Overdrive

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[Credit: Deadline]

We spoke about this a little earlier, but Meghan loves to throw out the race card and has made it part of her playbook. The reason we say this is due to how often she makes it known that she is mixed-race. Like we don’t already know that. She used it on Harry when they started dating (as we’ve mentioned previously). Then, during the Oprah interview, he said he was shocked that a member of his family would remark about what colour his and Meghan’s children’s skin would be. Yeah, this came from the guy who threw racist slurs at his fellow servicemen.

How can you be shocked that someone would ask this when you’re caucasian and your spouse is half-black? It is a natural conversation to have between mixed-race couples and those around them as it is curiosity. It’s not racist in the slightest. John Barnes, a former English footballer has agreed with this and said most biracial couples wouldn’t bat an eyelid at this. How would he know? He’s married to a white woman and has mixed-race children with her. American politician commentator Candace Owens has a biracial son with her white husband.

The Sussexes have forgotten that the royals are not racist. If Her Majesty The Queen were, she would not be who she is today. Also, the 2018 wedding had a vast array of black culture, including The Kingdom Choir (who have since backed the royals). Essentially, if you don’t agree with them (in their view) then you’re racist.

Chapter Nine – Don’t Use Your Husband’s Name, It’s Fine Because He’s A Nobody

[Credit: People Magazine]

Something we’ve noticed that keeps popping up in Meghan’s playbook is how she hates using Harry’s name. She’s ALWAYS referring to him as “my husband” or as “H”. First off, we KNOW that you’re married! The entire galaxy knows it.

It’s annoying that she doesn’t see him as somebody even though he is the one with the title and the status. She is just an extension of him because she is his wife. We’ve addressed this before, but we felt it was an ideal point to add to the playbook. In the last couple of weeks, whenever Meghan has spoken about Harry, she never mentions him by name. They’re meant to be this “power couple” who could rival William and Catherine, but they can’t follow through with this because they’re never on the same page.

Chapter Ten – Call The Paparazzi And Than Sue Them For Breach Of Privacy

Moving onto our next playbook point, and Meghan might claim she wants privacy but she still calls the paparazzi. Two of the biggest examples have been in recent years. One was in 2020 when she was out walking with a newborn Archie, or what was supposed to be Archie, and the paparazzi were “lurking”. However, if you look at the photos, she knows where the camera is. Notice the first photo below. She is smiling, and the security guards behind her aren’t moving to stop the paps from snapping their photos.

If Meghan truly wanted privacy, she wouldn’t have called the paparazzi. It is all part of her elaborate plan to remain in the media. She gets people talking about the photos then she pretends to throw a tantrum about the paps lurking around. Then she sues them (in her son’s name) for a breach of privacy. sarcasm starts here Yeah, makes total sense. ends sarcasm
Notice she didn’t sue the paps for these photos:

escapades; playbook
[Credit: TSZ Online]

Despite Meghan wearing a mask, you can see she’s smiling. Also, is she aware that a bill that passed about a decade ago where the children of celebrities’ faces have to be blurred out when photos are published? As you can see, Archie’s face is NOT blurred out. That makes us wonder if Harry is aware his wife called the paps. He reportedly wasn’t happy that these photos were leaked to Page Six. Also, these photos dropped just twenty minutes before Prince Louis’ birthday portrait dropped. Again, another ploy from the Markle playbook to pull attention away from the royals.

Chapter Eleven – The Children Don’t Have Titles Because They’re Not Caucasian – Um, What?

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[Credit: Deadline]

Meghan can claim that the princely titles are Archie and Lili’s birthright all she wants, but she doesn’t care for rules. If she wants something, she gets it with no questions asked. While those who know her think she’s a dynamic woman who knows what she wants, they don’t seem to comprehend that she cannot have what she wants.

This includes her children having titles as being a part of her playbook. Now, anyone who has been following the British royals for a while will know that the convention was changed by The Queen before the birth of Prince George to allow all children of the eldest son [Prince William] of the Prince of Wales to be given titles regardless of gender and where they’re born in the line of succession. This rule does not extend to the second-born son of the Prince of Wales, and nor should it. Charles has spoken about reducing the size of the monarchy for decades, and it has nothing to do with race.

Meghan seemed to know about the 1917 letters patent but she told Oprah she didn’t know whether it was George V or George VI who issued it. Going over to the race component, Markle claimed during her pregnancy with Archie that a conversation was had about changing the convention for her son because of his race. This is incorrect as the discussion about who got titles when Charles became king has been going on for years and extends before she even showed up.

What’s more, is Archie and Lili would’ve gotten titles when their grandfather became king. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen now.

Chapter Twelve – Portrayal Of The “Perfect Parent”

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[Credit: The Telegraph]

So, Harry has been harping on about how his father was a “horrible parent” to him and all this shit. Despite Prince Charles’ history, he genuinely does love his sons. Then, we have Meghan going from praising her dad to cutting him off.

Anyway, what gives Harry or Meghan the right to say who is a perfect parent? They’ve only been parents for three years! Also, there is no such thing as the perfect parent. This is all part of the playbook to tread on people who are insufficient in their eyes.

Since they didn’t get what they wanted, they called their parents horrible and then proceeded to cut them off. Again, it’s all part of the Meghan playbook. Also, what has become apparent is that Harry puts his mother up on a pedestal where she was perfect. She was not the goddess he thought she was. Diana made mistakes like every other human being that ever walked the Earth.

Harry and Meghan do not know the true definition of parenthood. They have their way of parenting their children while Prince Charles was raised in a different era. Not to mention, what gives them the right to crap over how the Queen and Prince Philip raised their children? They can say that they’re not criticising the monarch and her late consort all they want, but they’re gearing up to have their children turn against them when they’re old enough to rebel. We’ll see then how they like being criticised as parents.

Chapter Thirteen – Blame Everyone Else But You’re Not At Fault

[Credit: Mamamia]

So, another point in the Meghan playbook is to blame everyone else in your life for your own failings. One example is her blaming the entirety of Hollywood for not casting her. Her excuse is that she wasn’t cast because she wasn’t black enough or white enough. This wasn’t the case at all. It was because she wasn’t talented enough. For anyone who has seen Suits no matter how small, she could not act. Her performance was wooden and clunky.

There are plenty of mixed-race actors in Hollywood who have coped just fine. Zoë Kravitz is a perfect example. She is incredibly talented, and she is second generation biracial. Her father, Lenny Kravitz and her mother, Lisa Bonet are both biracial and have massive careers as well.

Also, Meghan loves blaming her in-laws for the whole world’s dislike of her. No, the royals are not to blame for her bullying of staff or why she throws tantrums. Nor are they responsible for her horrible diva behaviour. She did that all on her own.

Chapter Fourteen – Expensive Fashion And Flaunting Your Wealth As A Middle Finger, Oh, And We Need Those Titles To Live

dress; playbook
[Credit: US Weekly]

As we start closing off this playbook, we wanted to address Meghan constant need to buy expensive clothing and then flaunt it to the masses. Oh, then there’s the titles thing. Yeah, we know this has been addressed a million times, but it needs to be done again.

So, Meghan feels that buying thousand dollar pants suits that aren’t tailored to fit her is appropriate to flaunt in front of kids who often go without meals. Then, there’s the whole million-dollar maternity wardrobe she had with Archie. These outfits have never been seen again.

Let’s go over the whole titles thing. Meghan claimed to Oprah that her greatest title is being “mom” to Archie and Lili and that she didn’t care about having a title. If that were the case, why does she insist on using her Duchess of Sussex title on everything? It just doesn’t make any sense. She plugs it every chance she gets, and people are growing tired of her using it. Also, if she hates her in-laws that much, why is she so insistent on pushing it wherever she can?

Meghan has no talent, and the only reason she is getting all these deals is because of who her husband is. If the rumours are true about Netflix declining her ideas because they were vanity projects, then she should be waking up to fact that she’s not as great as she thinks she is.

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