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The Bold And The Beautiful: Finn Is Steffy’s Plan B

Plan B

Does Steffy love Finn at all or does she only see him as Plan B?

Here we go again. Is Steffy still pissed because Hope got Liam and she has to resort to Plan B? It looks that way. So, least week’s episodes had us experience a Steam hookup where both participants were drunk. Push comes to shove, they sleep together. Typical crap.

However, Liam made a crucial error. Hope did NOT kiss Thomas like he thought he saw. The fashion designer was hallucinating and ended up kissing the look-a-like mannequin due to a brain injury. He only went to Steffy as a rebound, believing his marriage was over and she wanted her stepbrother.

So, Liam has a change of heart and says that he has to tell his wife the truth. Steffy, of course, tells him it’s a bad idea because it would ruin his marriage and her romance with Finn. Fact of the matter is, they’re both cheaters. Though, this is not really surprising given their history.

Finn and Hope are both going to be devastated when they find out. They’re going to think they are Plan B. If there’s one thing we would love, it’s for the hot doc and the Logan heiress together. They would never cheat on each other and way their current significant others do.

Steffy Needs To Realise Right From Wrong

It’s never been a secret that Steffy has always been jealous of Hope. Every time she’s had a partner, her stepsister wants the man too so she plots against her. She uses her sexuality to get what she wants. Eight times out of ten, she achieves her goals but there have been a few guys who have resisted her charms. Oliver and Owen being two of those. Owen was with Jackie Marone and had an affair with Bridget, Hope’s sister.

Steffy, being Ridge and Taylor’s daughter has never been able to realise that she is not always in the right. No person is ever perfect, but she’s no stranger to sleeping wth married men. This is something Hope would never do. Sure, Brooke did it a number of times, but her daughter is NOT her.

To add insult to injury, she thinks that Liam will just follow her lead if she wants his marriage to survive. Let’s give the man a little bit of credit here. He knows he screwed up and has to tell Hope the truth of his one night stand. However, he was the one who ran to his ex-wife in the first place. If he had jus investigated what he saw then they wouldn’t be in this mess.

Steffy thinks that she is getting along with Liam for Kelly’s sake, but we all know there’s more to it. She still loves him and we’re not talking as co-parents for their daughter. She wants to be with him and yet she is in a relationship with Finn who clearly adores her. Sorry, Steffy but you cannot have both.

Finn And Hope Deserve Better Than To Be Plan B

Yes, Steffy is Plan B to Hope but for a good reason. She stole Liam in the first place. It’s no secret she has never liked being second to her stepsister and always thought of herself as more superior. The underlining message of this kinda plays out in today’s episode when she pleads her ex not say anything about them sleeping together.

We’ve addressed this before, but Finn and Hope deserve so much more than to be Plan B. The Logan heiress has survived so much and yet, it doesn’t get any easier for her to be second fiddle to her more out-going stepsister. She had to watch from a skycar as Steffy married Liam in her place because he believed she had abandoned him at the altar.

Also, Finn might think that he knows from the stories he’s heard that the Steffy/Liam/Hope situation is complicated but he has zero idea. he doesn’t know of all the times his precious Steffy has done stupid things and never learned from them. You would think the affair with Bill would be enough to make her see sense. If she really loved her ex-husband, she wouldn’t have slept with his father and gotten a paternity test done.

Finn needs to be with someone who is not going to have feelings for their ex and will put the relationship first. Steffy might be beautiful, but she needs to get over the man who is the father of her child. If she were over him, she would take that portrait off the wall or move it to Kelly’s room.

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