Why The World Is Fed Up With The Pity Party That Is Harry And Meghan And Why People Now Have Trouble Believing Them

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Bring on the pity party for Harry and Meghan and their supporters, but a large portion of the world now have trouble believing them…

Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle have blown the lid off on what they view as racism within the entirety of the UK and of course, the royal family. A load of people feel that their interview with Oprah Winfrey was just their way of continuing their victim narrative because they didn’t get what they wanted. While there are a lot of supporters out there who pity them, much of the world has a few other outlooks on the situation.

There is a deep sense of not really caring about the couple’s tell-all interview which saw a tiny 17.1 million people tune into the Oprah interview in the United States. This is so much less than the Talk Show Queen’s chat with Michael Jackson in 1993 which garnered an estimated 62 million viewers back in the day, according to Forbes. Let’s not forget that these ratings are just in the US and not the rest of the world. As per CNN, the Oprah with Harry and Meghan broadcast had over 11 million viewers in the UK. After all, it was shown in 70 countries from what the Herald Sun reports.

When it comes to support for the Sussexes, there will always be those who’ll back them and claim there is evidence. However, there are two sides to every story. There were inconsistencies in their answers to some of Oprah’s questions. Though, we are not here to discuss these as we’ve done a lot of debunking already. The purpose for this post existing is to examine why people are fed up with the pity party the couple. Now, this has nothing to do with race but with behaviour.

It All Begun With The Engagement Interview

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When Harry and Meghan announced their engagement to the world in 2017, the world was incredibly happy for them. The sad little boy who had walked behind his mother’s coffin with his uncle, father, grandfather and brother had found love. At the time, Markle’s half-siblings both came out to call their little sister a social climber. They were ignored and the prince and former actress became man and wife in front of the entire planet.

However, there were those who could sense that something wasn’t right from the moment the engagement interview hit the airwaves. From the way Meghan spoke over the top of her husband-to-be to the lie she told about not knowing how famous the royal family was became enough to raise the hairs on the back of necks.

A lot of people just sighed and whittled it down to excitement of getting married. However, in the couple of years since, it has become apparent that a pattern started to emerge. From upstaging Princess Eugenie at her own wedding to alleged bad behaviour during the Australasia tour, things started to decline.

The Couple Are Not Grateful

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The taxpayers of the United Kingdom paid a hefty price for Harry and Meghan to wed in an expensive wedding. Their complaints that the UK is racist hold no weight. There were hundreds of thousands of people who lined the streets to wish them well. The couple are not grateful for all the support the public gave them at the beginning of their marriage. It’s sad that they unleash a pity cry of “They’re all racist” despite how open the nation was to their union.

It is no wonder that the UK have started referring to Harry and Meghan as the modern day Edward and Wallis. At least the Windsors had dignity not to trash the monarchy. Sure, the family wasn’t happy about the former King’s decision to hand the throne over to his brother but that was how it was back in the day. Now, history is repeating itself on a much more public scale.

They had everything given to them but do they do? They trash talked everyone who tried to help or did nothing in their eyes. In relation to the public, the reason the UK turned against them is because they could see through their behaviour. This does not make them racist. It makes them scared that Harry is destroying his mother’s legacy by trying to cash in on his family. Didn’t he learn anything from when his Uncle Edward tried to do it and how badly it backfired?

Her Majesty The Queen had every right to be wary and so did Prince William.

Tensions Within The Royal Family

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Harry and Meghan should be grateful for the support they had. Do we believe that race played a part in the Firm? Yes, definitely. There are some members who are too stuck in their old ways to realise what they’re saying or doing is wrong.

One of those people is Princess Michael of Kent who had the nerve to wear a racist brooch when Meghan was attending the same event. Yes, she had worn it before and it caused no offence, but she should’ve been wary. Also, Prince Philip has said a few out of touch things in his time but it has become who he is as a person. Though, it is still offensive regardless

Since Meghan has been on the scene, Harry’s relationship with his brother and sister-in-law, Catherine has been somewhat rocky. He always use to visit the Cambridges and deliver presents to his nephew and niece, George and Charlotte. But that changed very quickly.

It is believed that William cautioned Harry into jumping headfirst into marriage but the younger Wales brother refused to listen. This is thought to be the moment in which tensions with the pair fractured.

The Adoring Public Becomes The Critical Public

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When it comes to the royal family, public approval is everything. Before Meghan entered the scene, Harry was one of the most beloved members of the Firm. Now, he is not because of his need to go against everything the monarchy stands for. He is ignorant of his own racist past where he was caught saying a racist slur during his time in the army. Let’s not forget the time he wore that Nazi armband and smoked weed at a fancy dress party.

At the time, these hiccups were what labelled the once loveable Harry as ‘The Party Prince’. People loved that he was different to the other royals. Though, the public understood his pain. His acting out was his way of coping with the trauma of losing his mother, Princess Diana when he was just twelve.

When the announcement came that Harry got become engaged to American actress Meghan Markle, the UK public was thrilled. However, all that started to change after the wedding. When the newly branded Duke and Duchess of Sussex started doing engagements, things started to go pear shaped especially when it became speculated at Prince Eugenie’s wedding that the the duchess was pregnant.

In quick succession, stories of diva antics around the time of the wedding started to surface. It also didn’t help that Harry himself ended up a human headline when it is alleged that he was furious with Angela Kelly, his grandmother’s dresser who was meant to help his fiancée pick out a tiara. He is believe to have said, “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets” when she didn’t get what she wanted.

After all these stories started surfacing, the public started to question what type of people the Sussexes were. This has lead to people beginning to stop respecting Prince Harry.

Sinking Approval Ratings

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To end this post, we had to mention approval ratings. The public has taken no pity on Harry and Meghan in the last year and it shows in their approval ratings. According to YouGov, Meghan’s is at 32% approval and 40% negative and 25% neutral. Meanwhile, Harry’s is at 41% approval, 32% negative and 24% neutral.

The pair don’t realise that their UK supporters are no longer supporting them because of their actions. They’re sick and tired of all the lies the Sussexes have told and all the cover ups and secrets. Also, look at the way they treated the royal marines when they attended the European premiere of The Lion King rather than attend a memorial service. Harry used his title to get his wife voice work with Disney. Sometime later, the media giant apparently said, “Meghan needs Disney more than Disney needs Meghan.”

People found this disgusting. What’s more important? A Hollywood lifestyle where your D-list actress wife is doing voiceovers for Disney Plus or honouring the lives of marines who lost their lives? For Harry before meeting Meghan, the military meant everything to him. Now, he chooses to dishonour the men and women he served alongside. Going to that premiere was a massive middle finger.

Everything the Sussexes do and say is criticised because they cannot face up to their own actions. For a lot of people, it has gotten to the point now where they everything out of Harry and Meghan’s mouths is dishonesty. The faith they once had in them is gone.

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