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WandaVision: What Exactly Is Going On With Pietro?


As we get closer to the finale of WandaVision, there is still one question we still don’t have. What the actual hell is going on with Pietro?

The arrival of Pietro Maximoff at the end of episode 5 of WandaVision has raised a LOT of questions for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. These include:

  • Is this the Quicksilver from the FOX X-Men movies?
  • Could Pietro be from the MCU that got killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron but with a different face?
  • Is he someone else?

It could be anything! Though, with every appearance, it makes us question everything we know already. While it’s exciting, it is also very annoying. Will we still actually get an answer before the finale? We’re hoping there’s an upside to it. After THAT mid-credit scene last week with false Pietro scaring Monica, it will be interesting to see how the next episode plays out.

Hints Towards Real Pietro V Fake Pietro

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The few appearances of the false Pietro has provided us with association to the each version of the character meaning the MCU version and the one from the Fox X-Men movies. We’re going to break down these clues and try and determine who this intruder is.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson – Pietro

Pietro has been referenced a number of times throughout the series not just by Wanda but by other characters too. A lot of the clues we’ve been given would only connection to him and not the Evan Peters version. Let’s see:

  • The Name: Our first clue is a simple one; his name. When Wanda talks about him with ‘Geraldine’, she is speaking fondly about her late twin, meaning the one we all know as Aaron Taylor-Johnson. However, when Evan Peters suddenly shows up and when Maximoff uses the name, the fake version gives her a ‘ahh… yeah, that’s me’ look before embracing her as if nothing has happened.
  • Fake Pietro’s reference to real version’s death: For some reason, the fake Uncle P mentions the actual Pietro’s death as if it happened to him. This happens when fake ‘P’ tells Wanda that he remembers being shot in the street like a chump. The Pietro was shot but not as a ‘chump’.
  • The Accent: The Pietro we all know had an accent.
  • Dies before Vision: Now, Pietro knew about Vision’s existence but died before his now-brother-in-law.

Evan Peters Version

The Evan Peters Pietro is very different to what we know of the Aaron Taylor-Johnson one. Here’s how:

  • Questions Wanda’s accent question with another question asking he same thing. Also, no accent
  • Has a totally different speech pattern to MCU Pietro
  • Looks nothing like Aaron Taylor-Johnson (naturally)
  • Somehow knows Vision died twice… when OG Pietro wouldn’t have known this because you know, he’s dead

Final Thoughts

We have so many questions as to who this guy is. A lot of speculation has lead to the idea of Evan Peters’ Pietro being linked to the recently revealed Agatha Harkness who was posing as ‘Agnes’. There isn’t enough evidence to say for sure, but given she was responsible for him appearing on Wanda and Vision’s doorstep there’s definitely some strength in this theory.

What we really wanna know is whether he’s going to harm Monica or whether he will ally with her. We don’t like his chances of survival either way.

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