Royal Family Releases Series Of Photos To Remember Prince Philip


As the world and the royal family rally around The Queen, photos have been released of the late Prince Philip…

Photos are the best way to remember a dearly departed loved one. The royal family are no different. In the wake of the passing of Prince Philip his relatives have released unseen photos.

Various family members have released statements of their own about how much the Duke of Edinburgh meant to them. There are so many great things coming out about the man who had a wicked sense of humour. Furthermore, it seems fitting that we look over what these newly released photos show.

Before we talk about the photos, let’s get one thing straight to all the Sugars who might be reading this. There are no photos of Prince Philip with Archie as Meghan and Harry didn’t stay long enough for the Duke of Edinburgh to know him. If there was, one would have been released by the couple. That has NOTHING to do with the royal family. It has to do with the Sussexes. They wanted to leave the family and this is the price they have to pay.

Moreover, without any more delays, let’s get on with the post.

Carriage Ride With Prince George

[Credit: People Magazine]

One of the first photos to be released was one taken by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge back in 2015 of a two-year-old Prince George with his great-grandfather, according to People. It shows Prince Philip on a carriage with his eldest great-grandson.

This adorable photo shows how dedicated the Duke of Edinburgh was to his family and getting to spend time with the younger generation. The image accompanied a statement from Prince Philip’s grandson, Prince William on Instagram.

The Next Generation

[Credit: Sky News]

Another of the photos taken by the Duchess of Cambridge is one taken in 2018 (before the births of Archie [born 2019], Lucas, and August [both born 2021]) of Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh with their then-seven great-grandchildren. This is the first photo we have of all the kids that were born at the time with their great-grandparents.

The children in the photo include:

  • Prince George
  • Baby Prince Louis
  • Princess Charlotte
  • Isla Phillips
  • Lena Tindall
  • Mia Tindall
  • Savannah Phillips, the eldest of the great-grandchildren, according to Hello Magazine

The Queen, Prince Philip And The Cambridges

[Credit: Hello Magazine]

The next photo is from 2015 and contains The Queen, Prince William, 2-year-old Prince George, Prince Philip, Catherine and baby Princess Charlotte.

What is so adorable about this photo is that The Queen’s attention isn’t on the camera, it’s on Baby Charlotte who is look back at her.

York Granddaughters

[Credit: The Sun]

The second youngest of Prince Philip and The Queen’s granddaughters, Princess Eugenie posted a photo to Instagram and tribute to her grandfather. She recalls how much fun he was and how he would often to save the day whenever she tried to cook on the barbecue.

[Credit: @PrincessEugenie – Instagram]

A Photo Of Philip And Mia

[Credit: Yahoo Finance]

A more recent photo was posted to Instagram by Mike Tindall, the husband of The Queen and Prince Philip’s eldest granddaughter, Zara. The photo was taken by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and shows the Duke of Edinburgh sharing a meal with great-granddaughter, Mia.

Philip And Lilibet

[Credit: The Times of Malta]

One of the most touching photos was released by the Queen herself. This photo was taken in 2003 by Sophie, The Countess of Wessex. It is amongst one of Her Majesty’s favourites of her and her husband. It was taken in the Scottish Highlands. This is such a great photo as it shows much the monarch and her late husband loved each other. Prince Philip will always be with her.

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