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Chronicles Of Harkle: Best Performances Of Their Lives – Privacy Or No Privacy

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Cue the sound, lights, and camera because Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have given the performance of their lives! Spare me the pain of all the screams for privacy. If you actually wanted this you would have stayed in the UK and towed the line like the Queen expected. This type behaviour is childish and petty. How dare they complain about something they didn’t even want to begin with!

In not-so-breaking news, it has been announced that the Duke and Duchess will NOT be returning to work for the royal family, according to This doesn’t come as a surprise. All this week we’ve been bombarded with Harry and Meghan information and it’s been hard to keep up. One of those announcements was their pregnancy news. While I am thrilled that little Archie is getting a sibling, I am not pleased that his parents chose to publicly announce it.

Harry and Meghan have screamed saying that they want privacy and yet they give this grand performance that is reminiscent of the end of Notting Hill where Hugh Grant sits on a bench and a pregnant Julia Roberts lays with her head in his lap. Just for the record, I’ve never seen it. I’m just going off what other people have said. For good measure, Here’s the two photos side-by-side:

[Credit: The Today Show]

What makes the whole Harry and Meghan thing so absurd is how they want one thing, but they don’t actually act on it. Look at their preaching over climate change and being kind as prime examples. They want other people do it but think they are exempt from doing as they want. This has really pissed people off and for a good reason. All these two do is complain.

Social Media Performance

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[Credit: People Magazine]

Meghan was once an avid social media user when she was an actress. She even ran the Sussex Royal Instagram account despite claiming she didn’t and it was run by the Sussex PR team at the time. Sure, Meg, sure. Sorry, don’t believe it for a second.

The former actress who, along with her spoilt ass of a husband should be stripped of the dukedom, says that social media is a form of addiction. Ahh… she literally had just given Sussex Royal when she said this. Also, if it is such a ‘drug’, then why are she and Harry having things posted to other people’s accounts?

One example is the second pregnancy announcement. It was posted on the social media accounts of the photographer, Misan Harriman who mentioned Meghan by name. Sorry, Oprah! She referred to her as ‘M’ with a crown emoji in an Instagram video about the super lattés.

Meghan knows more about social media than Harry ever will. She ran her own public accounts and the ones for her former blog, The Tig. Mind you, this was the same speech in which she basically copied and pasted the topic of the Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma into a Word document and passed it off as her own. Let’s not forget this is the same woman who claims that no one asked if she was okay during a tour of Africa which is a third world country.

So… You Ask For Privacy But You’re Still In The Public Eye?

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[Credit: W Magazine]

Harry and Meghan gave their ‘best’ performance – this is me being sarcastic – by staying in the public eye and suing the publications who speak ill of them. This is double standards at its finest. So, they’re allowed to have publicity whenever they want but they’ll sue you if you write something bad about them? Ow! My head hurts.

It has been pointed out before that when they were working royals, they had more privacy than they do now. They left because they couldn’t deal with the scrutiny which they then passed off as racist undertones or just flat out racism.

Meghan’s constant bad behaviour is the reason people have turned against them. It has NOTHING to do with race. Although, the Sugars would say otherwise. This has been her greatest performance yet in attempting (and failing) to con the world to become the most famous person ever. Well, guess what.

Meg, you got your wish. You’re the most famous person in the world but for all the wrong reasons.

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